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Book details
  • Genre:NATURE
  • SubGenre:Plants / Mushrooms
  • Language:English
  • Pages:26
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667815138

Mike O'Rhiza

Earth's Best Friend

by Dr. Michael Amaranthus

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Meet Earth's best friend, Mike O'Rhiza, who explores the world beneath your feet in a new and fascinating way. This fun-loving and friendly fungi is created by Dr. Mike Amaranthus, a world-renowned soil scientist. Linda Woodrow-Gray's illustrations bring home the fun and adventure of living and working in the soil with Mike O'Rhiza (or as scientists call him, mycorrhiza). Mike O'Rhiza's underground adventures as a parent, miner, wizard, internet expert, conductor, carpenter, policeman, explorer, doctor, and a plant's best friend will enchant children of all ages.
Meet Mike O'Rhiza, the friendly fungus. Mike O'Rhiza (mycorrhiza) has been around for hundreds of millions of years and this book brings this delightful and fun-loving character to life for children of all ages. The Earth provides precious resources that revolve around good health and nutrition for all life. Mike O'Rhiza, or as scientists call him, mycorrhiza, wears many hats to help make the world a better place. Plants, trees, and other life forms grow and are fruitful because of Mike O'Rhiza. When plant life is prosperous, we as humans benefit from their growth and nutrition. Mike O'Rhiza expands for miles with his crazy hair (fungal filaments) to connect roots of many plants into the soil. His roles are to protect, nourish, communicate, and much more. Within this book, you will explore all his roles to make Earth a better place inside and out. Mike O'Rhiza is a parent, miner, wizard, internet expert, conductor, carpenter, policeman, explorer, doctor, and a plant's best friend. Children will learn about Mike O'Rhiza and keep our earth healthy. When the Earth is healthy, Mike O'Rhiza and you are too.
About the author
Dr. Mike Amaranthus is a two-time cancer survivor and a retired research soil scientist for the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture and Associate Adjunct Professor at Oregon State University. Dr. Mike received the USDA's highest honors award for scientific achievement after his 20 years of contributions as a USDA research scientist, authoring and co-authoring over 100 scientific papers. Dr. Mike has several mushroom and truffle species named after him in his honor. Two decades ago, Mike and his wife Eileen founded Mycorrhizal Applications Inc., a biotechnology company focusing on growing and using mycorrhizal fungi to increase food production using fewer chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The globally ground-breaking products are now used in over 30 countries. In 2015, Mike and Eileen sold the company to Sumitomo of Japan. Mike Amaranthus holds an undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley, a master's degree from Antioch University, and a Ph.D. in microbiology from Oregon State University. Dr. Mike is active as a mentor and volunteer for youth organizations all over Oregon. Dr. Mike and Eileen are thankful for a full and warm home, raising five children with six grandchildren. They believe children should know what makes the world go. Especially where their food comes from.