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  • Genre:HUMOR
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:32
  • Hardcover ISBN:9798218226053

Margarita Midge Goes to the Symphony

by Erin Vivero

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Making etiquette at the symphony less illusive. Margarita Midge unintentionally finds herself doing everything wrong.

Ever wonder what the proper etiquette should be, as an audience member at the symphony? Look no further, Margarita Midge will show you exactly what NOT to do. Oblivious and self-absorbed, the life of (her) party is never bored. Antics galore, Midge is everything you shouldn't be to the core. Learn from her and you'll always be accepted at any show, for sure.
About the author
A flutist since the age of five, Erin Vivero has played and attended many, many, many symphony performances. The behavior of audience members makes her cringe and laugh. Since sarcasm runs plentiful in her DNA, she decided to dive into the world of publishing in order to stock up on more criticism because she still has room in her collection for more. 

Writing is now one of her many joys and a children's book for adults has been one of the most trying achievements in her life, and that includes getting into law school (she has to say that in case her law professors are reading this). Erin looks forward to writing and sharing more books on etiquette instruction in the future.

Book Reviews

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A delightful romp, in a beautiful package. Articulate and amusing, this is a lighthearted romp about concert or theater manners. The illustrations are as crisp and clear and beautiful as the language, and the book has a very high production quality. A great gift for new and old concert-goers everywhere. Read more
Brought a smile to my face! What a tasteful and playful take on the person that does all the wrong things at your favorite symphony! The book was lighthearted and so enjoyable. If you’re looking for a book with fun rhymes, engaging illustrations, and will bring a smile to your face - look no further. Margarita Midge’s faux pas couldn’t be more relatable. Read more
Whimsical and practical Beautiful book. Fun and funny journey through manners at music and theatrical events. Good gift for adults and music lovers! Even thought it’s aimed at adults, it is clean and could be read to children. Read more
Must Read! This is a delightful book on concert etiquette! It has beautiful illustrations, creative rhymes, and is a whimsical portrayal of someone learning as an adult how to be an audience member. I think the book really shows that everyone, including Margarita Midget, is welcome at the symphony, no matter their age and no matter their experience. Read more