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  • SubGenre:Mental Health
  • Language:English
  • Pages:192
  • eBook ISBN:9798350917765
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350917758

Making Experience

The Power of Chartchat Psychology

by Lawrence Fry

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"Making Experience" is a thought-provoking exploration of a novel psychological framework that blends mindfulness, ACT, CBT, and philosophy, presented through engaging fictional dialogues. This approach is applicable across different religions and belief systems, offering a path from mental unease to agency, hope, and lasting happiness.
"Making Experience" unveils a revolutionary psychology model that finds its roots in the integration of established therapies, including mindfulness training, ACT, CBT, clinical psychology, and the wisdom of Eastern and Western philosophy. The innovative framework is illustrated through captivating dialogues among five friends in a historic Florida tavern, whose conversations are designed to serve as a form of teaching for the reader. The psychology model introduces two distinctive features: a single diagram that encapsulates the entire psychological paradigm and its potential for personal empowerment, and its universal applicability for individuals from various religious or belief backgrounds. Through the dialogues and the diagram, readers are guided on a transformative journey from mental distress to a path of hope, agency, and centered happiness. "Making Experience" challenges the Western perception of happiness, suggesting that it is not solely achieved through trying harder. The book shows how making a strategic effort on any one of the accessible elements of the experience can lead to a centered sense of happiness. It caters to a broad audience, including self-help enthusiasts seeking wellbeing, mental health practitioners seeking to enhance their practice, and academics probing into the intricacies of human experience.
About the author
Lawrence Fry, a highly accomplished professional, made a significant career transition after over 25 years in business sectors including banking, real estate, and aerospace. His pursuit of answers to profound questions concerning human experience led him to earn master's degrees in counseling in 1999 and clinical psychology in 2003. After obtaining his Licensed Professional Counselor title, Fry established a rewarding career in counseling therapy in both employment and private practice settings. His journey of study, exploration, and career transformation culminated in the 2023 publication of his seminal work, "Making Experience: The Power of Chartchat Psychology."
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