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  • SubGenre:Science & Nature / General
  • Age Range (years):3 - 12
  • Language:English
  • Pages:46
  • Hardcover ISBN:9798350941548

Magical and Unusual Solar Eclipse

by Silvia Piccinotti

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Experience the breathtaking beauty of a total solar eclipse from a child's point of view!

This heartfelt and scientifically accurate narrative hopes to inspire a new generation of eclipse chasers of all ages. Wake up on the morning of a total solar eclipse. The day looks ordinary, just like any other, but on this day the Moon will blot out the Sun's bright light and transform the sky to reveal our star's most elusive secrets. Join our characters as they play with eclipse shadows, practice safe observation, and marvel at the most otherworldly spectacle on Earth!

Eye safety practices illustrated in this book adhere to the safety guidelines of NASA and the American Astronomical Society.


"Magical and Unusual Solar Eclipse" is perfect for:

- Families and classrooms preparing to see a solar eclipse

- Parents of young or sensitive children looking for a sweet read-aloud story to familiarize their families with the experience of a solar eclipse

- Kids who love picture books about the natural world, science, and astronomy

- Kids looking for a new adventure to dream about

Ever wondered what it would be like to experience a solar eclipse? Or are you searching for a read-aloud book to introduce your children to this extraordinary natural phenomenon? Written and informed by the experience of Silvia Piccinotti, a veteran of five total solar eclipses (and counting) and brought to life by the gorgeous illustrations of Rồng Phạm, "Magical and Unusual Solar Eclipse" invites families into the captivating world of solar eclipses.

Through the eyes of our young explorer, parents and children can navigate the excitement and occasional jitters leading up to a total solar eclipse. The heartwarming narrative provides a comforting and safe resource for families of all children, but especially young and sensitive children, as they prepare for this otherworldly spectacle. This delightful story goes beyond the narrative to serve as a practical guide for parents.

  • Learn when and how to observe various intriguing phenomena during the eclipse, from pinhole projections of the partially eclipsed sun, changes in light and temperature, to the mesmerizing shadow bands.
  • Discover more about solar eclipses and how to chase them in the accompanying backmatter.
  • See eye safety practices adherent to NASA and American Astronomical Society guidelines illustrated in the narrative and further elaborated in the backmatter with handy visual guides.

"Magical and Unusual Solar Eclipse" ensures that children and parents alike can relish the experience safely and enhance their understanding of the natural marvel that is a total solar eclipse.

Ideal for bedtime reading or as a classroom resource, "Magical and Unusual Solar Eclipse" transforms the anticipation of a total solar eclipse into an educational and inclusive adventure for the whole family.

About the author
Silvia Piccinotti is an Ivy League PhD scientist with an unusual family tradition: chasing total solar eclipses. When not immersed in the world of biotech or running after her two boys, she is planning their next solar eclipse adventure. Chasing total solar eclipses has taken Silvia and her family from the familiar landscapes of the U.S. to the remote beauty of Papua New Guinea. With this heartfelt and scientifically accurate book, Silvia hopes to inspire and ignite the spirit of curiosity in a new generation of budding eclipse chasers.

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Wonderful Combo of the Magic and the Science of the Solar Eclipse I love this book, and sent several around to family members prior to the 2024 Totality. The text and pictures are in perfect sync, and the book offers both a look at the wondrous experience of viewing an eclipse, and the science behind about how they occur. While some of the science is incorporated into the story-telling itself, it never overpowers the story of the preparation for and anticipation, excitement, and amazement of witnessing an eclipse. The Find Out More section at the back of the book offers much more information and resources for further learning, but is presented wisely in its own section. This is a book for all ages, not just the 6-12 yr old crowd. I was delighted to be able to alert my viewing companions that it was safe to view totality without protective glasses - that knowledge gleaned from reading this book. A final comment: the image of the eclipse map right up front, before the title page, is a terrific intro as to what's ahead in this book. Kudos to Silvia Piccinotti and Rong Pham. What can we expect from this creative duo in the future? Read more