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  • SubGenre:Ethics & Moral Philosophy
  • Language:English
  • Pages:280
  • eBook ISBN:9781667848952

Lost on the Road to Oz

by Kelly Weems

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LT Colonel Weems, retired professor of Literature and Philosophy, West Point Military Academy, argues that the current American cultural decline can be explained in five simple words: "I" trying to replace WE". He draws evidence from respected authors in Science, Religion, Art, Philosophy, History and Literature, to reveal how America's slow suicide in the 21st century is the direct result of its abandonment of its Idealism of centuries past in favor of a sensate Hedonism.
The first section begins with an in-depth look at two opposed views about how we should live. We are all born as hedonists; it is both pleasant and easy to be selfish. In contrast, we all must be taught to be idealists because it is not easy to give up self-interest for others through reciprocation, abdication, and love. In the second section, we explore the rise of hedonism to become the value(less) system of the entire western culture, by clever elites propagandizing the media, consolidating their power through ultimately buying the government to reduce those with power to but a handful of ultra-wealthy. Also, in this section, we look at sentimental Christians who have come to oppose the pain of economic, mental, and spiritual growth, and largely enabled the hedonists by abandoning centuries-old values and by voting for enabling governments. Third, we examine the consequences of our shift in thinking. It is values, customs, traditions, and religions which are the cohesion of nations. Without them, nations cease to be. This book ends with a reflection on Oz and the fact that Dorothy could have returned home at any time and avoided all her misadventures by simply clicking her heels. The answer was there all the time, but she failed to see it. Perhaps the answer to our Nation's difficulties is also right in front of us but unseen.
About the author
Kelly Weems is a researcher, decorated soldier, author of two historical/philosophical texts, the father of two, husband of one for 59 years. In 1968, he served, at the behest of General Bernard Rogers, on the West Point Military Academy's staff. In 1972, when he returned to West Point from Vietnam with a new degree in Literature added to his Bachelor's Degree in History, he learned that Members of Congress, concerned with our country's decline in Christian values, sought a more philosophical foundation for the values of the Academy. Perhaps because his Master's orals were on the philosophical basis of William Blake's poetry and illustrations, he was tasked to help organize and later teach the new philosophy course. He later also served as OIC of the "Fine Arts Forum" and as the Department Executive Officer. He left the Academy in 1976 as an Associate Professor. Upon retiring from the Army, he served as a Community College instructor of literature and writing from 1984 to 1997, and finally retired in 2013.