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  • SubGenre:Political Ideologies / Conservatism & Liberalism
  • Language:English
  • Pages:168
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098334062

Lord - How Would You Vote?

What Works for a Country?

by Rocky Sackville

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A biblical look at what the Lord said about issues we face in America today focusing mainly on His demonstrated favor of freedom and personal responsibility over a Marxist/socialist economy. (You don't believe me — see chapter six Parable of the Talents Luke 19:11-27).

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This book is about 80 percent bible study/research and about 20 percent politics and American history. America is founded on the belief that we receive our rights from God — not man. If man chooses who gets rights and who doesn't then God help us! If God chooses, then we are all equal and are under the same system of justice and can all pursue our same unalienable rights! This is the watershed difference between our government and all or most others. The founders did not want to force religion on others, but they wanted a civil society ordered the best way possible to achieve liberty and justice for all. Those of faith could accept it as from God, those not of the same mindset, could accept it as a better way to order society - as it clearly is. The politics and history in this book tries to illustrate that the founders were right and that America is in danger of losing our God given blessings of liberty and justice for all. The bible study part of this book will likely surprise you. It did me. There is so much in the Old and New Testaments about God's preferences for how we live. You need only look at chapter six in this book (Parable of the Talents Luke 19:11-27) to see His support of free markets/capitalism and His disdain for the basic elements of Marxism. But, it is not just that. His demonstrated use of, and support for, opportunity for all, and expectation of personal responsibility for all, can guide or counsel our thinking. Check it out — there is a lot in this book about what God has demonstrated as his preferences.
About the author
Rocky Sackville — Christian, husband, father of 2 daughters, guard and linebacker in his high school daze, University of Maryland grad, teacher for a short time, construction estimator for a long time, (still counting cost and the days 'til retirement), BUT — right now, he is a concerned citizen wanting to help his fellow Christians and countrymen understand the grave seriousness of our times, of this 2020 election and of the course our nation is on...and understand what the Lord offers regarding our issues. Will God help us choose? He went into the scriptures and was quite surprised by what he found.