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  • SubGenre:Leadership
  • Language:English
  • Pages:186
  • Hardcover ISBN:9781667890524

Leading with Edge

Activate Your Competitive Advantage Through Personal Insight

by Jose R. Costa

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In today's business world, there's a growing problem. Strong, effective leadership is in low supply and high demand, and companies are suffering as a result. The skills and qualities that help an individual succeed personally seem to be in conflict with what it takes to be an effective leader, but that needn't be the case. In "Leading With Edge: How to Sharpen Your Own Advantage In All Aspects of Life," Jose R. Costa draws upon his experience as a Fortune 500 CEO to provide a philosophical and practice path to developing the relevant leadership skills you need to give yourself and those you work with the advantage.
This book focuses on four key elements that can help anyone resist common leadership pitfalls and build a leadership style that gives them an edge. Based on my own experience, research, and lessons from the best leaders I know, these four elements are the keys to success: 1. Knowledge, and your ability to gain and share it 2. Expectations, and your ability to model and drive them within an organization 3. Hard work, especially when paired with big dreams 4. Trust, in yourself and in the people around you Equally important is how you utilize these elements as a leader. I'm not the first person to talk about what makes someone an effective leader, but I often find that books and speakers on the subject don't talk much about the difficulty of applying these elements and making them relevant on a broad scale. Each of the elements I mentioned must be applied in a balanced way, not one-sided or driven by the leader alone. I call this balanced application "the barbell approach." When I was in marketing at Burger King, we used something we called the barbell strategy to build our menus. Every menu needed value items on one end—those affordable, price-conscious items—that would drive traffic to our restaurants. At the same time, the menu needed premium offerings on the other end, items that would catch the customer's eye once they were in the restaurant and drive up the ticket. There was always something for the customers and something for us—a successful menu always needed an even balance of the two. That is the same approach this book will take. For each of the four key elements, you will find two chapters: one that describes how to apply that element personally and another that shows how to promote it among the people around you. This barbell approach means there is something for you and your people in each of the elements being discussed. The balanced application of the right elements is what will allow you to continue to gain an edge time and time again. To ensure you're on the right track, each section of the book ends with an assessment tool that will allow you to score yourself and monitor your progress.
About the author
Jose Costa has a strong track record of global performance and growth in multi-unit retail operations across multiple industries. He currently serves as CEO of Magnolia Wash Holdings, an express car wash operator with over 100 locations across the southeastern US. Before his current role, he was the Global Chief Growth Officer and Executive Vice President of Bojangles Restaurants, which operates over 800 restaurants in 18 states. He has also served as CEO of GrandVision's For Eyes and Group President of Driven Brands. Costa has over 20 years of experience both on the client and agency side, working for companies like Young & Rubicam, Bank of America, PepsiCo and YUM Brands. He also has extensive experience in restructuring and growing portfolio companies for private equity firms like 3G Capital, Harvest Partners, Roark Capital, HAL Investments, The Jordan Company, Durational Capital Management and AMCO in North America and Europe.