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  • SubGenre:Teaching Methods & Materials / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:6
  • eBook ISBN:9781667895451

Lawn Care Next Level Thinking

by Christopher Antle

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This book is about the beginning of a lawncare business, and ideas how to charge customers when you are new to the business without any experience. How to be efficient and what to look for when placing a bid.
I started this business as a side hustle and turned it into something I love doing. This book will explain how I used TPS (Toyota Production system) To turn my lawncare into an efficient business with simple achievable goals and the right mindset to do it. I will show you how to look at waste in your schedule and daily mowing in a way you never seen before. How to visualize where your problems are, and how to fix it.
About the author
I have always loved the lawncare business, and I love sharing to people how to start a company mowing lawns and be successful. Before I started Lawncare, I have always worked for Tyota Manufacturing. This is where I learned how to be efficient and effective with my daily activities, and then apply this knowledge and mindset to my business. Lawncare started out as a side hustle at first but then I loved it. I was new at this, so I had lots to learn. The one thing i did figure out quickly was, Time was a big factor, and I had tons of Muda, and waste that i was doing every day. In order to compete with other businesses, I needed to get better at fixing that. It's not been easy but nothing ever is at first. With 23 years of experience Now, I want to share how i do it and the benefits from using a TPS Mindset.