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  • SubGenre:Love & Romance
  • Language:English
  • Pages:178
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350907452

Joan and Tom

Joan McKeown & Tom Nelson’s Timeless Love Story

by Brian Kelly

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If there is a better story of love all around than this one, it is tough to imagine. This is a true love story that you will never forget. Joan and Tom were not an immediate steady thing in High School but they knew each other. Eventually as time passed and their circumstances changed, Joan got well and Tom recognized he could not live without her. His pursuit of Joan was a challenge. The rest is a great history. They are now in their early eighties, still pretty and still handsome, but that "aint" the half of it. They are still very much in love.
Once they knew they were in love, Joan and Tom would stay in love forever. It did not take long and then it was a veritable whirlwind, Just two years after they both graduated from Bloomfield High School, they were married on Joan's parents anniversary on August 6, 1960. Those of us who know them or who knew them then know they were meant for each other from the way they met to the way they always treated each other. It is their deep love for each other that my wife and I witnessed each time we were in their company that impressed us the most but I have to admit the way they met is the most unique thing that anybody would notice about how they met and how their love grew. I tell the whole story but not right now.' Without telling the whole story right here in the book description, there is a lot to talk about in their life together especially their family. I do not have time to replay their whole life but if I did there would be so much that we could all learn from them. Every time I am with them, I am impressed with them. I was compelled to write this book because their story is so special and inspiring. You will love reflecting on their story. First of all as you will see from the pictures I present including relatives from almost back in the 19th century to High School times to just a few months ago, it is easy to see that they are both handsome figures and you can see the love in the faces of their families. Joan is so beautiful that her sisters have no problem telling anybody how gorgeous she is. There is no jealousy there at all. But, then again both Kathy and Rita are bona fide beauties themselves and they are just as unassuming and humble as Joan. Tommy is a handsome, strong man with a determination that puts him on the winning side of the score almost all the time. Just as it was with his discovery and determined pursuit of Joan, Tom Nelson keeps at it until he succeeds. Let me preview their story by saying it was not easy for either of them. Their love was not preordained by the stars or the deities. Joan, who is very lovely and who has a charming personality would never have found it difficult to find a loving spouse and be successfully married. But like a lot of people who are very pretty, she was pursued by the popular people at school who are not necessarily the nicest people you'd want to meet. In her case, Dwight Hafling (fictitious name) was the big star on the football team and he wanted the prettiest girl in the school as his girlfriend. Tom Nelson was a popular guy at Bloomfield High, very talented and very well known. But he was not the star of anything and he did not want to be the star. He was OK being Tom Nelson. But he, like many other boys could not help noticing the top twirler (Majorette) found himself after not too long being captivated but he would not move on Joan because he was a gentleman and she already had a boyfriend. Then something serious health-wise happened to Joan and the whole school knew that Dwight had stopped calling on her. Despite possibly getting sick himself, Tom Nelson was undeterred and whether he planned it or not, Tom acted like the wonderful man that he is and he began to call on Joan. Yes, the rest is history and it is a great love story. No matter where you go in life or how long you live, you'll be hard pressed to match this story.
About the author
Brian W. Kelly graduated from Wilkes-Barre's Meyers Highs School, and King's College with honors. He also received his M.B. A. from Wilkes University with honors. Kelly retired as an Assistant Professor in the Business Information Technology (BIT) program at Marywood University, where he also served as the IBM i and Midrange Systems Technical Advisor to the IT Faculty. At Marywood, Brian designed, developed, and taught many college and professional technical courses. He continues as a contributing technical editor to a number of IT industry magazines, including "The Four Hundred" and "Four Hundred Guru," published by IT Jungle. Kelly is a former IBM Senior Systems Engineer and IBM Mid Atlantic Area Technical Specialist. His specialty was designing applications for customers as well as implementing advanced IBM operating systems and software facilities on their machines. In his position with IBM, he gained substantial writing experience in the preparation of technical documents, run books, proposals, and justification studies. He has an active information technology consultancy. He is the author of more than 310 books and numerous technical articles. Kelly has been a frequent speaker at COMMON, IBM expositions, and other technical conferences. Brian was a candidate for both the US Congress from Pennsylvania in 2010 and for Mayor from his home town in 2015. Brian brings a wealth of experience to his writing and editing endeavors.