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Book details
  • SubGenre:Animals / Marine Life
  • Age Range (years):6 - 8
  • Language:English
  • Pages:40
  • Hardcover ISBN:9798986518305

Jemma And The Mermaid's Call

by Laura VonDracek

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In this hopeful and beautifully-illustrated story, Jemma, a spunky mermaid along with her ocean friends, tackle a timely and important environmental issue through the help of community.

Recommended for ages 4-9 and lovers of the oceans and mermaids of all ages


Jemma, a spunky and spirited mermaid, loves living in her ocean world. Whether exploring for treasure or swimming along with her many marine friends, she delights in the beautiful underwater landscape and bountiful sea life that surrounds her. But one day, darkness encompasses her home and as she swims off to investigate this mystery, she bumps up against the huge problem above her -- a giant floating island of trash! Not knowing how to solve this far-reaching dilemma by herself, she calls together all the sea life and Mer tribes of the world and, as a group, they hatch a plan to clean-up the mess. In a delightful and hopeful tale, this beautifully-illustrated story tackles a timely and important environmental issue and how to solve it through the help of community.

An important book for inspiring ocean conservation and awareness of how plastics and trash are effecting our oceans and sea life with a positive message of how one individual can bring together a community to help clean it up!

Recommended for ages 4-9 and lovers of the oceans and mermaids of all ages

About the author

Laura VonDracek was raised in New York and now lives in Santa Barbara, California. As a devoted swimmer, beach walker and lover of all things water, she is often cleaning up beaches and searching for treasures. When not being her mermaid self, she can be found creating glass mosaics, ceramics and other inspired art. You can visit her and her creations at www.lauravondracek.com

Book Reviews

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An inspiring book for humans of all ages! Not only does my 4 year old son LOVE this book ("Mama, let's read THIS book again"), but I love it as well! When he and I started reading it, we didn't know where it would lead. We were both delighted with its surprise twists and turns. I love children's books in general, and children's books with a timely-yet-hopeful message are certainly a top choice. This is a beautiful story with a beautiful message -- of protecting our planet, of working together in community, of timely action. And we don't even have to be by the ocean to heed Jemma's call of cleaning our beloved Earth -- we can do it anywhere! It is so fun to walk the beaches, trails, and neighborhoods and pick up trash together, in part thanks to Jemma. A must read. Read more
A lesson we all need! A wonderful and impactful story of how we can all do our part to show love to the ocean! Not only is the message and vocabulary fantastic, but the illustrations are just stunning. My niece and nephew are completely enamored with the story of Jemma. Can't recommend highly enough! Read more
Wonderful story with a message of hope for the oceans! OMG! My book just arrived and I love it!!! The story is a perfect balance of fun and imagination while also being informative and hopeful! The illustrations are gorgeous! I’m gifting it to my nephew, my grandnephews, my son’s teachers and so many others. Sara G. Read more
Fun and important book! Jemma and the Mermaid's Call is a wonderful story of a plucky and high spirited mermaid who loves the natural abundance of her underwater world. When confronted with a mountain of trash that darkens and threatens her home in the sea, she brings in all of the denizens of the sea to solve the problem. This delightful, beautifully illustrated tale has an important environmental message for children, highlighting this very real issue but also containing a can-do spirit and hopeful outcome. This is definitely a must read book! Kirsten Levinsohn, Executive Director, New Haven Reads Read more