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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Biblical Studies / Old Testament / Poetry & Wisdom Literature
  • Language:English
  • Pages:502
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543972474

It's By Faith Through Belief

Discover Your Faith, Use It to Believe, And Receive from God.

by Isidore A. Agoha

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It"s By Faith Through Belief, is a comprehensive expositional study on the subject of biblical faith, and particularly, Appropriating faith. In his typical systematic and analytical teaching style, Apostle Agoha explores the various shades of meaning of the word "faith," as well as the various other subjects associated with it. He also differentiates faith from such other spiritual values and virtues as, hope and love. An even more uniquely striking and surprising feature of this book is, its emphatic differentiation between faith and belief. The two are distinct but related. The one apprehends God's grace, and the other appropriates it. The exercise of both is needed in order for a soul to experience God's intervention with His divine purposes, plans and provisions for its benefits. Agoha's main theses throughout the text is that, you can apprehend from the pages of the Bible, God's gracious purposes, plans and provisions by faith, and you can appropriate them in the form of miracles for your personal experience, by means of belief. From one anecdote to another, of several of the stories of miracles set in the Bible, Agoha fits this thesis in their respective contexts, as the one secret key that unlocked God's power for every one of such miracles.
Live an empowered life through an understanding of faith Isidore Agoha delivers a comprehensive study on faith in It's By Faith Through Belief. Faith is the Foundation on which the Christian life is built, the "one indispensable condition for any meaningful relationship with God." Yet so few Christians live the empowered available to them through an understanding of faith. More than simply a dry concept one hears preached on Sunday mornings, faith should play a key role in every Christian's life, for it is the way to realize God's purposes and blessings. Many Christians wonder why they fail to manifest God's blessings in their lives. Agoha reveals the answer: failure to exercise appropriating faith. A believer praying with mere hope has missed the point. Hope is simply optimism, whereas faith is asking in belief. Christians will reap the abundance of God's blessings, as well as command an arsenal of spiritual weapons, when they learn to exercise faith. Christians fail to appreciate the power of God's Word. Instead of turning to it for answers, they wallow in discouragement, depression, and defeat. "The tragic irony is that these are the same negative outcomes that God's Word are meant to eradicate." In practical terms, Agoha teaches how a believer must boldly declare the blessings and provisions he or she has perceived from God's Word, and then act upon that declaration in order to receive. Christians can live an empowered life when they learn to apply the concepts taught so clearly in this book. "And without faith it is impossible to please Him."
About the author
Apostle Isidore A. Agoha is the Senior Pastor of Triumphant Life Church, Bronx N.Y, USA, which he co-founded and pastors with his wife, Pastor Maureen C. Agoha. Agoha is is endowed with a unique anointing for expository teaching of God's Word, the proclamation of the Gospel of the kingdom, deliverance of souls from the power of demons, healing of sicknesses, and the manifestation of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. As a modern day revivalist, Apostle Agoha's ministry calling and goals is based on Acts 26:18, and include: the restoration of apostolic and other biblical truths the through sound teaching of God's Word with clarity; as well as the bringing of the presence of the Holy Spirit upon God's people for the experience of deliverance from Satan's power, in order that they may live and walk in dominion and triumph on earth, as they await the promised life of bliss in fellowship with God in heaven. His first book, Demons Are Subject To Us is a best seller through which many have come out of demonic bondage, and into freedom in Christ Jesus. Agoha holds a Masters degree in Anesthesia, and he and his wife are blessed with children.