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Book details
  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / Happiness
  • Language:English
  • Pages:225
  • eBook ISBN:9781620952122

Invest in Your Creative Capital

by Lawrence J-E. Poole

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A step by step process that explains how to evolve from being relatively reactive to life's circumstances and events, through a proactive apprenticeship, to becoming creative and empowered.
This is the definitive book on the creative SELF-Empowerment process. It demystifies the difference between reacting to life's circumstances and becoming more creative. The author has tapped into the "deep wisdom" in Nature and translated the order he finds there into a guide based on the human quest for love, joy and passion for life. Lawrence Poole is uniquely qualified to have written this important book. In 1977, his life was suddenly interrupted by a tragic car accident in which he was clinically dead and left paralyzed. He spent weeks in intensive care and months in hospitals and had plenty of time to think about his own limits, motivations and inner resources. Later, wheelchair-bound for life and with a dismal prognosis, Lawrence took up the challenge to rebuild his health by discovering and then imitating Nature's strategic processes. In this book, he demystifies self-motivation, self-management, and self-empowerment. He explains the concept of creative capital in a way that's supported by both ancient wisdom and modern science. Lawrence has included simple, efficient illustrations to explain complex subjects, pragmatic personal development tools and 37 "at-a-glance" syntheses to help readers: . Understand and appropriate their own creative capital ; . Free themselves from limiting thinking patterns ; . Strategically manage their emotional intelligence ; . Recognize the links between the inner dialogue and stress ; . Integrate the principles of self-actualization into daily thinking ; . Improve their communication and their relationships ; . Develop inner strength, passion and personal power ; . Realize their goals and dreams .
About the author
Paralyzed in car accident, Lawrence Poole is, with little doubt, the only researcher on Earth who treks jungles in a wheelchair! An energetic and passionate speaker, he has studied Nature’s laws for more than 30 years, drawing important conclusions that he translates into best management practices. Lawrence has taught thousands of people the principles of motivated creativity, strategy and empowerment favored in Nature. A great storyteller and workshop animator, he has acquired a solid reputation with the people, corporations, associations and public institutions he has served in Canada, Latin America and Europe. A pioneer in heuristic training (self-discovery), Lawrence created learning activities and educational adventures whose innovative whole-brain methods shorten the learning curve. He shares his experiences with candor and simplicity. Author of the French best seller « Investissez dans votre capital créatif » (IQ Press), Lawrence demystifies self-empowerment He explains how to develop one’s creative potential in order to add value to personal and professional life. He also writes a monthly column called Lessons from the jungle… in the business magazine La Réussite, to relate how Nature’s strategies are « best practices » and a weekly blog for the Montreal Internet portal La Métropole. A seasoned traveller, accounts of his adventures have been published in The Real Guide collection (Prentice Hall). With his life-partner Suzy, Lawrence created a series of learning adventures that use the Parks and Reserves of Costa Rica as classrooms to teach leadership.