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  • SubGenre:Language Experience Approach
  • Language:English
  • Pages:63
  • eBook ISBN:9781483516479

Introduction to Suggestopedia

Pocket Therapists Guide

by Dr. Mel Gill and Dr. Georgi Losanov

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The human mind is the singularly most complicated device on the planet. Versatile, by definition, it single-handedly conducts every complicated process and function needed to run the human system. It allows us to think, grow, create and, perhaps most impressively, to learn. But, just what can we learn? Is there a limitation to our subject matter, or a limitation to the rate at which we learn? For years, everyone from experts, to college students to everyone and anyone in-between have asked this question from all over the world. Just how smart are we? Can we learn more? What are our limits?
But what of our limitations? Beyond all the theories of how much we can do, people began to speculate about what we could not do. When and where do we stop? Are intelligence and learning capacity like a measuring cup, and we as vessels limited to only hold a certain amount? Or, is it more like a scale that can weigh as much as it’s given to evaluate? This question has been asked over and over. Eventually, experts would agree that past a certain stage of development that there were no uncharted “lands” in the human psyche. The reserve capacity was met, and we were maxed out. Then, in the early 1960’s, brilliant Bulgarian educator and psychiatrist Georgi Lozanov would challenge this idea and change the course of human history forever by developing what we now know as “Accelerated learning™” or Suggestopedia. Suggestopedia is a learning/teaching technique based on Dr. Lozanov's very early 1965 studies, long before what would later become the legacy, career and life’s work spent mentoring to students and teachers alike across the world, alongside his partner and wife, Dr. Evelina Gateva. Their combined efforts on the theory and practice of suggestion, would go on to trigger an accelerated learning movement in the West while imitators and usurpers tried to make a name for themselves off of Dr. Lozanov’s and Dr. Gateva's hard work.
About the author
Legendary Psychotherapist Dr Mel Gill is one of the world's leading experts in Personal Development and a Mentor to countless other Speakers and Trainers around the world. He is an internationally-recognized Training Consultant and is also Corporate Advisor to CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies. He has been recognized by the Business Times and The Sentinel as one of the Top Asian American Motivational Speakers. He was invited by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to speak as one of the Top 17 Speakers in the World in their Inaugural World Convention. His experience in Training, Teaching and Consulting, whether on a corporate or individual basis, spans the globe from Hong Kong to Seattle, Chicago to Canada and Singapore to Australia. He is a world-class Inspirational Guru, often compared to the likes of Og Mandino, Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale. Through years of hard work and life experience as he battled physical and emotional limitations, Dr Gill has achieved Global recognition as a Master Trainer and Master Motivator who has helped millions of people around the world. He has delivered Inspirational and Motivational seminars to more than 5 million people in more than 70 countries for the past 30 years both in person as well as by being on Radio for 7 years in his daily 3 hour program "Uncommon Sense". Dr. Gill earned his position as Certified and Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Trainer in NLP since 1985. In fact, he was instrumental in bringing NLP to Asia in the late eighties. As Director of the Master Trainer Institute of New York he has created more "Master Trainers" than any other person on Earth! Dr Gill is the author of the International Best-Selling Book 'Uncommon Sense' and most recently 'The Meta Secret', which has been taken up by Publishers in more than 20 countries so far. Following an interview with Vanity Fair (Italy) the popularity of The Meta Secret shot into the 'bestsellers ' list at no. 9 in the first week and is currently No. 1 on their best-seller list. He is also the director of the movie of the same name. Both of these have only been recently released in Singapore. This is good enough to start - he is the director of the new Lozanov Foundation for Suggestology in Sofia Bulgaria since 2009.