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Inside Makeovers

How to Successfully Grow and Transform Your Property Styling Business

by Belinda Woolrych

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For many years, I have endeavoured to build one of Australia's most trusted and recognisable Property Makeover Specialist businesses and I am excited to say it is now in full flight. It is a model I am extremely proud of, so proud in fact, I have decided to translate my knowledge in this book, so it is available to help others. You will discover, I have come to understand more than I could have imagined through many trials and tribulations over the years. I am often been asked how I have started and grown my business to where it is today, and now with the help of industry experts, I am delighted to reveal the secrets to my success. So, if you're looking to give your existing business a much-needed reboot, accelerate your business growth or even start your own Property Makeover business, the best advice I can give you is to read on.
You have most probably found me because you are already in the industry, or because you are looking to change or start your career in property styling and renovations. One of the main reasons I have written this book is to help share what I have learned because you may have already discovered, there is not another book like this one, on the market. Regardless of where you are at before we begin, I would like to pose the following questions. Do you find it hard to charge appropriately for what you do and do you often feel unrewarded? Are you struggling to find new leads, create genuine partnerships and generate more business? Are you worried about the amount and quality of your documented systems and procedures in your business? These three topics will be addressed in-depth throughout the book because, in most cases, they are the most common reasons why property styling businesses do not survive. I've seen many property styling businesses come and go in my time. All of these business owners have put an enormous effort into starting their brand and have also been very good at what they do. Unfortunately, many of them did not end up getting the mix quite right and have quickly become burnt out and struggled to succeed. One of the biggest killers in this industry is when business owners do not charge enough for their services. They allow people to access their knowledge without being reimbursed and their real value is not recognised or rewarded. Have you ever felt this way? I have also found Property Stylists can underestimate the amount of marketing and networking required to build their business. As a result, work can dry up and it can take a considerable amount of momentum to get back on track. I have also noticed the number one thing that will stunt the growth of any business is not having the correct systems and procedures in place. If this is the case, you will not be running your business productively or efficiently. Property Stylists can also purchase furniture to hire out when they are not set up thoroughly for it. This mode of operation may not be sustainable for their business and can hurt them not only physically, but also financially. If you can recognise any of these problems or you feel as though you may begin to experience issues within your business, do not stress, with awareness, you can turn your situation around. This book has been designed to help you avoid making the above mistakes and will also help you combat the most common problems that can arise when running your Property Makeover business. If you become more informed and aware of what you need to do to move forward, you will feel more comfortable about creating change that will inevitably result in a more positive and confident you and a bright and prosperous future. If you are already an experienced Property Stylist, I am here to help keep your passion alive and encourage you to continue. The service you are providing is invaluable and you should feel valued and rewarded. If you are new to the industry, I aim to encourage you to pursue your passion and help get you off to a flying start.
About the author
Belinda is the founder and owner of Papillon Styling & Renovations, a residential Property Makeover business with a stress-free done for you service, adding value to people's homes for them to enjoy now, or when they choose to put them on the market. She is now teaching what she has learnt in over a decade of running her own makeover company and a combined 28 years of business experience. This book is about getting it right from the start. Belinda had a tough start in small business but through constant learning, investment and practice she has become the successful businesswoman and industry leader she is today. She has spent over a decade running and refining her business, focusing on 'Value Add' changes to residential property. In this time, she has completed hundreds of makeovers and added millions of dollars to property values for homeowners. Belinda has also re-invested significant amounts of money into her professional development through business ownership training programs, as well as into her business brand and infrastructure. Her second book, 'Inside Makeovers: How To Successfully Grow and Transform your Property Styling Business,' leaves no stone unturned. Belinda shares her experience and expert knowledge with other business owners. This can be a survival guide for any small consultancy business and is specially written as an introduction and induction starter guide for people wanting to turbocharge their Property Makeover career and become a member of the Property Makeover Academy. This book will help you learn from your triumphs and mistakes and create a leaner and more valuable business proposition - equipped to not only survive, but to also enjoy and grow a value-based Property Makeover business, through the tough landscape of small business ownership. Belinda wants to share with you her operational learnings from early and more recent years. Through hard work and increased interaction with friends in business, she now shares the strength and insights she has learnt and this combined expertise with you in this book. As we grow and develop our business partnerships, we understand one another's niche and value as business associates. Belinda has been fortunate to have developed many such strong partnerships along her business journey and imparts their expertise for you with some highly informative specialist contributions. You may even choose to enlist their services as she has. The contributors you will hear from have enriched her business as she hopes they will also do for yours with their words of expertise and wisdom in their field. Belinda has recently opened the Property Makeover Academy operating globally.

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