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  • SubGenre:Elementary
  • Language:English
  • Pages:32
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350903614

I'm An Overcomer

My Life in a Wheelchair with May May

by Judy Ellen Jensen

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My name is Judy Ellen Jensen, and I am the author of I'm an Overcomer. I am a vibrant, bubbly 76-year-old telling a personal story about being in a wheelchair since I was two. But, despite my disability, it hasn't stopped me from living a victorious independent life. I am passionate and sincerely desire to teach children how to treat and assist those who are wheelchair-bound and anyone with special needs. And how our faith in God can help us through our adversities, no matter what they are. My talents are not limited to teaching children, I introduce my furry companion, a cat named May May, who I taught to use the toilet! Through unique examples like this, I demonstrate incredible resilience with engaging questions to teach my readers that they, too, can learn how to help and make a lasting impression in the lives of those with special needs.
My name is Judy Ellen Jensen, and I am the author of I'm an Overcomer. My book will demonstrate how you can be a role model at any age. Being kind and helpful to those with special needs is one of the first steps. An inspiring children's book for ages 5-12 about my life in an electric wheelchair. After getting the polio virus at age 2, my life would be changed forever. I would learn to live in a new world, unable to walk. Some find it hard to understand how to treat people with disabilities, especially children. But once they learn how strong and determined I am and how much their help is appreciated, they soon see how I have found joy in my life and can do the same for others despite any challenges I face. This book also helps children to understand that faith plays a crucial role in never feeling alone and overcoming life's challenges. • Written to teach you how to be understanding, helpful and considerate of people with special needs.• • Illustrated by children ages 6-11 who personally know me. You'll be sure to smile each time you see them. • · • The story-line offers engaging questions that challenge readers to think about their lives and how to understand those with special needs. • Understand who I am and how I have become the person I am today. • Enjoy learning how I trained and take care of my cat May May.• • Adapting my hobbies to meet my special needs. • Exploring the incredible people who helped make it all possible, discovering what kinds of things bring me daily joy, and more! • Activities I enjoy regularly. My book, I'm An Overcomer, is for anyone, especially children, who want to experience a personal portrait of an independent, joyful, victorious, faith and purpose-filled life with a significant physical disability. This book will demonstrate how to love and treat people with disabilities.
About the author
Judy Ellen Jensen became ill in 1948 with the polio-virus at 2 years old. She would spend most of her life in a wheelchair, determined to live a victorious independent life. She started her life as a young adult in preparation for helping others at Hope College by earning a teaching certificate in elementary education and psychology major. She spent many years as the activities director at a children's home in Homme, LA, as a reassurance line worker at the Medical Health Association of Greenville County, SC., and as a substitute teacher and private tutor. Judy is the proud mother of two sons and a grandmother to one grandson and one granddaughter. She has a deep loving relationship with Christ, which shows in all her volunteer work at her church and community.