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  • SubGenre:American Government / Legislative Branch
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9781543998474
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543998467

If I Ran

I would be elected president in 2020

by Jim DesRocher

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Being very concerned about the rapid, intentional dismantling of the United States democracy from within our government I began contemplating the crazy idea of running for president in 2020. If I ran, my campaign platform would deal strictly with "Saving our Democracy." My save our democracy campaign would be something no other candidate can offer because of their partisan ties to their political parties. Political parties are private, non-governmental organizations controlled by the big money brokers and will do anything to hold on to their political power and ability to run our government. Imagine, private organizations running our government for us. If I ran, my save our democracy campaign for president would give the American people the opportunity to take back control of the government that, we the people own, from the private political parties. My campaign would propose making critical, constitutionally approved changes to our legislative bodies and voting procedures. Those changes would equalize the power of the political parties, remove all outside money from our political system, end the contentious partisan political divide in our government and country, and place the American people back in charge of their government. If I ran, my campaign would serve all Americans equally, be ultra-patriotic, all-inclusive, one-sided, non-discriminatory, and unopposable. No patriotic American is going stand against the patriotic cause to save our democracy. As I put together my save our democracy campaign platform I started to realize that I would win the 2020 presidential election if the American voters voted to save their democracy. 


The book deals with the rapid decline of our self-rule representative democracy and one persons patriotic desire and constitutional duty as a citizen to reverse that decline and save our democracy. His "Save our Democracy" campaign platform identifies our federal and state legislative bodies as being the primary reason for why our democracy is dying. His campaign platform exposes our two main political parties as being private, privately funded, and non-governmental entities that are controlled by big money. He explains that our two main, private, big money run political parties now control all aspects of our legislative bodies and are slowly setting their own rules for how they plan to run our self-rule representative government for the American people. Even the majority will of the American people is no longer considered when adopting laws or policies. This should not be acceptable in any democracy. If he ran, his campaign for president would propose making some new, innovative, and constitutionally approved structural and procedural changes to our federal and state legislative bodies and voting system. His save our democracy campaign for president would challenge the patriotism of the American people. His campaign for president would ask the American people to choose between saving their democracy through those proposed legislative body changes or continue allowing the government the American people own to be run amuck by the, extremely partisan, privately owned political parties. If he ran, his campaign would provide the American people with a clear, constitutionally required third option over what the other two private political party candidates would be offering. During the 2020 elections the voters would need to decide between saving their democracy or allowing some private, big money entity to run their government for them.   

About the author

I am a seventy two year old retired electrician, businessman, and veteran. Being an author is now my full time hobby. I am the father of a beautiful daughter and have a wonderful grandson. I am fortunate to have a great son in law who takes very good care of his and my family. Beyond the normal golfing, fishing, and volunteering my interests lies with observing people along the observing the functions of our government and politicians. This has lead to the writing of my latest book. I have always had a deep love for my country and admiration for those unselfish people that stand up and fight for the betterment of all people. The beauty of our self-rule representative democracy is the fact the American people, when united, can have anything they want as long as what they want is equal for everyone without discrimination.