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  • SubGenre:Metaphysics
  • Language:English
  • Pages:270
  • eBook ISBN:9780648128816
  • Paperback ISBN:9780648128809


From Nothing to Now

by Brett Ashcroft Harrison

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If there was a Big Bang at the beginning of time, it was not a celestial event. It was sexual.

Sexual energy is the creative force behind all things in existence. Understanding this force is the key to understanding yourself and the world you live in.

In this ground-breaking new work, Harrison takes you on a journey from before the beginning of time to the present moment, using your own experience of living as a guide. Through engaging personal story and original insight, supported by historical fact and the basics of modern physics, it becomes apparent how everything fits together – from quantum physics through to making love.

Discover the primary missing link that has eluded us until now and empower your life in the knowledge of who you are.


HUMANS: From Nothing to Now undertakes to answer many of the biggest questions that humans have asked since becoming self-conscious creatures. It presents an entirely new approach to understanding how the universe came to be, how it works, how and why we emerged as creative creatures, the cause of dysfunction and suffering, and a positive and thorough solution to these problems. The book is written in two sections. The first section presents a new conceptual model of the nature of existence – the Origin Model. This model is built through understanding the process by which ‘things’ are created – the creative process – something that every person can relate to simply by observing their own life experiences. Consequently, a strong and understandable model is constructed, and the explanation to many things emerge: the cause of gravity, how something came from nothing, the reason for Einstein’s E=mc2 and time dilation. Perhaps, most importantly, the work reveals the relationship between relativity and quantum mechanics, to present an all-encompassing Theory of Everything. Using this model as a basis, the second section illustrates the reason for our emergence as creative beings from primitive animals. It explains how and why we have become exceedingly clever and inventive, yet also a very destructive and unhappy species. It invites the reader to view things in a different way, enabling a new and refreshing perspective on many subjects: God, death, love, ego, and purpose. Most importantly, HUMANS: From Nothing to Now offers a straightforward and practical solution to overcoming personal and global dysfunction, and a way to finding true purpose for living. There is no requirement for the reader to have any prior knowledge of science, mathematics, or spirituality to extract value from this work. The style is conversational and avoids unnecessary jargon.

About the author

Brett Harrison had an unexpected and life-changing mystical experience at the age of 28. The last 30 years have been seen him integrating and experimenting with the information revealed at that time. Brett has a creative background in the design and film industry, and is also a successful business owner. He currently lives in the country with his adored wife and various pets, and is passionate about helping establish the natural order on Earth once again.