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Book details
  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / General
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Medora's Simple Truths
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:152
  • eBook ISBN:9780963094544

How to Survive and Succeed in Life Without Being a Bitch or a Bully

by Medora

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Do you think that you might be a bitch or a bully? Take the quiz in Chapter 7 to find out for sure! Do you have to work/live/deal with one? Medora provides realistic,useful information on how to cope with and handle bitches/bullies. She also busts the myth that nice people finish last - really.
Myth: Nice people finish last. If you believe that most successful people are rude, selfish and manipulative by nature, then you might ask yourself what nature had to do with it. Hint: No one is “born that way.” Sure, some famously intolerable people have lots of money, and some are in positions of power. But can leaving a wake of neglected, unhappy and broken relationships really be considered successful living? If so, it’s time to redefine “success.” You'll discover how to: • Identify, avoid, and/or deal with a bitch/bully anytime, anywhere • Raise strong, confident kids without creating monsters who hurt others • Recognize the power and "cool factor" of kindness, respect and decency • Convert traditional kitchen table values into a guide for modern relationships • Ensure you are always a leader and never a victim
About the author
Medora is a relationship expert and public speaker whose specialty is figuring out and sharing life’s “simple truths.” Medora's life experiences, formal education and observations have collectively led her to realize that the most important lessons in life are simple and have been around for generations. The stories change, the names are different, but the basic truths remain the same. Descended from four generations of strong, accomplished women – all of whom were also named “Medora,” today’s Medora uses this singular name as homage to the collective wealth of knowledge, important lessons and truths that have been passed down through those generations. Fearless without creating fear in others, respectful without groveling, kind without being weak, the generations of Medoras' simple truths are a perfect recipe for success--and happiness--in an often angry and hostile world.