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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:70
  • eBook ISBN:9781618427441

How to Prevent Rape

How to Detect and Defeat Today's Spy Technology

by Daniel Hanson

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Spy technology has never been more sophisticated and available than it is today. More and more criminals are taking advantage of it. To stay a step ahead of the criminals of today you need to learn their methods in order to defeat them. Do not wait until you have become a victim; get your education from this material today. You will be amazed by this information. Do you know how to detect today’s spy technology? You will learn how to defeat it as well. You will want to know that if you are a woman because it can be used to stalk you. Don’t wait to be raped before you get educated. Here is a list of Chapters LASER Listening Device IR Microphone Transmitter Bionic Ears Street Smarts Scanners Tape Recorders Mail/Trash Chemical/Biological Weapons DRUGS Doors/Windows Hearing through walls Bugs Vehicles Being Tailed/Tailing Security Systems A Gun in the House Seeing in the Dark Phones RAPE Protecting our Children Miscellaneous Internet Impersonation/Identity Fraud
Who needs this information? Every woman who does not want to become another rape victim. In this book, you will find some excellent advice on how to avoid rape. The most important chapter in this material is about “Rape.” After all; spy technology can be used for that purpose as well as spying. Be certain that rape will never stop happening, but there is a lot that can be done to lessen the likelihood of it happening to you. After you have had your identity stolen or been raped, it is too late to start getting educated. Get your education here! Crime will never go away. Yet most people are totally oblivious to how they can be preyed upon and what technology exists to be used against them. To live a safer life, learn how to detect and defeat the technology that exists today – it has never been more technologically advanced and readily available. Not only will you learn about today’s technology, you will also learn how some of it actually works – in details understandable by the general public. All of the technology discussed can be used against everyone. What you don’t know really can hurt you. You will be shocked at the technology that exists with which others can spy on you, and by which, without detection, you would never know you are being watched. Sadly most people never buy a security system until after they have been burgled. Even most of our laws are not written in anticipation of but in response to crime. What you will learn from “How to Detect and Defeat Today's Spy Technology”: The methods that someone can use to stalk you. Laser Bugs, and how they can be used to invade the privacy of your home, without anyone breaking and entering. How your trash and mail can be used to gain information about you. Methods that exist for listening in on your private telephone conversations. How to see in the dark without night vision devices. Some valuable advice for avoiding rape. Ways that someone can spy by listening through your walls. Tips on how to protect your children from sexual predators. How to protect your children form Drugs. Many spy devices will be introduced and how to detect them. How to defeat today’s very sophisticated spy technology. How to be safer in your home and hotel is addressed. Do these questions apply to you? If yes, you really need to get your education here! Are you moving to a new address? Were the people who lived there before spied upon? Will you be too? How safe is your privacy when traveling? Are you an executive at a high-tech company? Are you on workers’ compensation? Do you simply want to know more about the world around you? Do you know everything about securing your home? If not, then you are sure to learn something useful from this book.
About the author
Donal Hanson Worcester MA U. S. Airforce Weapons Mechanic on F15 Associates Degree Computer Electronics 1985 Bachelor of Science 1998 Associates Degree Electronics Technology 2009