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  • SubGenre:Marketing / Direct
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  • Pages:364
  • eBook ISBN:9780984125500

How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers

21 Proven Direct Marketing Strategies Anyone Can Use

by Craig Garber

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If you are passionate about marketing, selling, or making money in business, then this is the most exciting and important book you will ever read! The strategies inside are easy to use, even if you feel “awkward” when it comes to selling and marketing - and everything is delivered in plain and simple English. Garber is a master at making marketing fun, simple, and incredibly easy to implement. Inside, you’ll discover: Why Most Ads (And Most Marketing) Fails! In today’s crazy world, if you want to get your prospect’s attention, you must be as powerful as a whack over the head, and as subtle as a whisper, both at the same time. And now, the jealously-guarded secrets to mastering this, are all yours! How To Write Sales Letters That Sell: 12 Things You MUST Include In Every Online Or Offline Sales Letter, Ad, Or e-Mail You Create! You’ll uncover exactly what to do, and... maybe even more important -- what NOT to do -- so your marketing attracts and compels pre-qualified customers and clients, to take action and buy from you, immediately! The Little-Known Secret To Attracting An ENDLESS Number Of Highly-Qualified Leads (on page 66): STOP wasting time with tire-kickers and looky-loos who are just shopping around for the lowest prices in town, or online! And... much more! Plus, each one of the strategies inside, comes with a “Money-Making Action Step Checklist,” which takes you by the hand and gives you step-by-step directions, so you can take immediate action on any one of them. Many are so easy to use, you will have them up and running, before midnight, tonight! “A business blueprint for making money, and for entrepreneurial marketing success.” Bill Parlaman - Philadelphia, PA
Are you an entrepreneur or salesperson who needs more qualified leads? How about converting your existing leads into paying customers and clients, much faster? Are you a doctor, financial services, or other trade professional, who's always dreamed of having effortless, 'almost magic-like' marketing that'll have your daily planner filled with appointments? Do you own a jewelry store, dry cleaners, or other retail establishment you'd love to see packed with paying customers? Have you had it 'up to here' with clients who demand first-class service, even though they're on a Wal-Mart budget? Do you want to avoid tire-kickers who shop around for the lowest prices in town or online, and instead, only deal with ultra-rich clients who are thrilled to be working with someone of your caliber? If you answered 'Yes!' to any of these questions, or if you just want to make a LOT of money, very quickly, then this is the most exciting and important book you will ever read. Often compared to Eugene Schwartz 'Breakthrough Advertising,' inside you'll discover: How Garber made $578,463 in one year with a small list of customers, without spending a dime on advertising and almost all at 90% profit. Garber shows you how to at least double your sales, whether you work online, offline, or both. Not by begging JV's or affiliates to promote you, but by using fresh new ideas that work in ANY business. On page 42, you'll uncover the single greatest secret weapon for making money in any business. How powerful is this secret? Quite simply, it is the best source of ongoing and predictable income, referrals and repeat business, in the world. And, it has almost zero downside risk. What about advertising? Are you sick and tired of running online and offline ads that never get the kind of responses you want? Is your website more like a ghost town than a bustling freeway, filled with traffic? Don't worry, Chapter 23, How To Write A Sales Letter That Sells, gives you the blueprint to designing compelling ads that'll have your buyers lined up and practically begging you to take their money. Garber walks you through the 12 proven items you MUST include in every ad or sales letter, to make them perform as reliably as a Swiss watch. As you know, there are only three ways to make more money: Raise your prices, get more customers, or increase the value of your average transaction size. In Chapter 12, you'll discover a simple strategy (which takes less than 5 minutes to implement) that gets up to 98.4% of your customers to spend more money with you, every time they buy. How to sell products and services for much higher prices and profit margins than your competition! The secret to charging top-dollar is knowing how to 'position' yourself in the marketplace. And this is much easier to do than you think, as you'll see in Chapter 10, How To Become Number One In Your Industry. Why conventional business and marketing advice is useless, because it revolves around exchanging time for money. Look, whenever you're trading time for money, your income is limited by the amount of time you're either willing, or are physically able, to work. Garber reveals 2 simple strategies (on pages 135 and 321) that leverage your time and multiply your effort, so your cash-flow is no longer tied to how long or how hard you can work. Result: a lot less work... and a lot more money. Listen, 'hoping' things get better, won't work. Hope is not a good business strategy. In times like this, you need to think smarter, not work harder, and this book shows you exactly how to do this.
About the author
Craig Garber is living proof the “American Dream” is still alive and well. The son of a toll collector, Craig grew up in an apartment housing project in the Bronx, with “tales of a misspent youth” as his background. However, because of his unyielding optimism and an iron work ethic... Craig somehow managed to overcome divorce, bankruptcy, and an extremely dysfunctional childhood, to become one of the highest paid and most in-demand copywriters and direct-marketing consultants in America. Since April, 2006, Craig has also published the number one offline direct-marketing newsletter in the world, Seductive Selling ®. He has helped over 300 different clients in more than 97 different industries, automate their lead generation and sales processes. This instantly allows them to start making “Maximum Money.” A long way from the gritty apartment housing projects he grew up in, today Craig lives in a sprawling lake-house just outside of Tampa, Florida, with his wife Anne and their three children, and their dogs and cats. When he’s not working, you’ll find him traveling, working out, taking photos, out back reading and smoking a cigar, listening to music, or bass fishing on his lake. You can find Craig online at
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