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  • Genre:NATURE
  • SubGenre:Animals / Fish
  • Language:English
  • Pages:84
  • eBook ISBN:9780993944727

How to Catch Big Trout and Parrots

& True Wild Life & Bear Encounters

by Steve General

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This book will reveal little known secrets on how to catch those elusive big brown trout. It will also reveal the secrets to catching truly big speckled trout. The big trout are wary and the regular fishing methods won’t work as well on these giants. Whether fishing lakes, rivers, or little streams you can and will catch more and bigger trout. Decades of on field experience will produce the results you never thought possible. You don't have to fish in the remote areas to catch bigger trout. Use these methods and you will catch more and bigger trout. The book also includes stories of wild bear encounters as well as other numerous wild life encounters in the remote areas.
This book will reveal what I call unknown secrets on how to catch those elusive big brown trout. It will also reveal the secrets to catching truly big speckled trout. The big trout are wary and the regular fishing methods won’t work as well on these giants. Think you know the answer? I am fairly certain you don’t. I haven’t seen this information in any other fishing books, and I read a lot of books. You might not believe how effective these techniques are but you have to master them and that takes practice. This book is not about luck. The brown trout and the speckled trout are different and they require some different approaches to catch these giant monsters. The author has spent decades experimenting and learning how to catch big trout and with some practice, you too can become an expert on catching more and bigger browns and specs. I have only shared these secrets to catching big trout with one other fisherman and he had to pass a test on conservation without even knowing it before I decided to reveal and share these guarded secrets. You will catch more trout and bigger trout even when you thought there were no big fish there. It has nothing to do with chance or luck. It is knowing what to do that pays off. You will be amazed at your new found successes. In all my years I have not seen or heard of another fisherman aware of these secrets. I will also tell you how to catch parrots while fishing. Yes, that actually happened to me. It's a great story. I am going to add as a bonus some Bear Encounters and Wildlife Stories that I have had while fishing.
About the author
The author has a passion for fishing that has lasted decades. He has travelled and has even lived in the remote North where the only way in was by a small airplane. He has had many adventures with many wild animals, some funny and some very dangerous. The author has survival skills suitable for the remote area and has a love of reading but also learned about the “bush” from people who have lived their entire lives in the wilderness. The reward of being such areas is a pristine wilderness full of beauty and life all around. Crystal clear lakes and streams that may have never had human contact, or very little. Nature is grand. Fish are all around us. You may be surprised at the potential of a stream, river, or lake to produce fish. Fishing can be relaxing and it is great to take a kid fishing and build his love and respect for nature and the world. But you do not have to be in the North to catch big trout. In fact, you probably don’t have to travel far at all, depending where you are. The author has caught many species of fish, some by design and some by accident but the weirdest thing he ever caught fishing was a beautiful parrot. Now if that doesn't sound like a fake fishing story, well, I haven’t heard of anyone else in the world that went fishing and caught a Parrot. The author named the parrot “Fred” and kept him for many years before searching for and finding an suitable aviary where “Fred” could be with his own kind and live the remainder of his life in hopefully pure happiness. The author currently is writing other books. Previously he has written the non-fiction book “The SECRET EXTINCTION: An Awakening” and has appeared on National Television to talk about this book. Another book is finished titled “G…High School Was Never Like This: The Embryonic Genesis” that is expected to be out very shortly.