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  • SubGenre:Women in Business
  • Language:English
  • Pages:127
  • eBook ISBN:9781624882982

How She Got Free

A Spiritual Business Manual For Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship

by Katrina M. Harrell and Akilah S. Richards

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How She Got Free combines the benefits of standards, structures, and systems, with the emotional wellness principles to get women better aligned with successful businesses, and not just popular brands. Though we tend to excel at helping others thrive in our chosen industries, we often find it difficult to navigate the changes in our own lives. This is because our unique journey has no exact “How-to” manual, and we fall into practices that facilitate feelings of crabs-in-the-bucket styled competition, the creation of unstable business models, lack of support from our colleagues, and other go-nowhere-fast treadmill practices in our work, in our bodies, and in our relationships. This book was written to remedy those ills.
Katrina M. Harrell and Akilah S. Richards have a collective abundance of life and business anecdotes from their personal and professional experiences. One common thread among their stories is the lack of harmony between sound business strategies and real emotional wellness. Work-Life balance chasing aside, many women entrepreneurs, particularly black women, are enslaved to their purposes, and suffer in their business and personal lives from what Harrell and Richards dubbed "The inner B.I.T.C.H.". The acronym illustrates the five primary ways women lose sight of their charge to lead as entrepreneurs, and get trapped working for their businesses. As a Business and Life Strategist, Harrell saw first-hand how the lack of business models and structures left her clients, most of whom were black women, without the necessary skills to consistently increase their income over a reasonable period of time. Richards, a Life Design Practitioner and Certified Emotional Wellness Educator served black women who were usually doing well in their business, but lacked a deeper connection to their work, leaving them unfulfilled, burned out, overweight, and in an overall place of disharmony. This misalignment with strategy and soulwork is examined and resolved in How She Got Free. In their Spiritual Business Manual Harrell and Richards tackle the tough, frequently dodged topics such as: --- How lack of core business knowledge (standards, structures, and systems) leaves black business without the skills to excel in both digital and brick and mortar businesses. --- The necessary mindset shift from “brand-building” to “business operations” --- How black women are looking to their white counterparts for models that will not work for their own potential markets --- How intuition + structure = steady business growth x more personal fulfillment ...among others. Their mutual experiences with "Black Lack" as they call it, led them to call on their inner freedom fighters and create an easy-to-follow guide, part fictional narrative, part business manual, that gives black women the 5-step strategy and soulwork blueprint to free their inner B.I.T.C.H.es, and live emotionally and financially sustainable lives.
About the author
Katrina M. Harrell owns KM Harrell Group, and works with women entrepreneurs on business and life strategizing. Akilah S. Richards runs the Life Design Agency, selling personal development solutions to women, mothers, and entrepreneurs in live and digital settings. Both women share an interest in helping women entrepreneurs escape the prisons of uninformed, trial-and-error, emotionally draining businesses. Their shared objective is to build a body of work that teaches women how to create effective systems for achieving their personal and professional goals. Under the Liberated B.I.T.C.H.ES umbrella, the women produce a series of digital and live products through a variety of creative business projects. They intend to co-produce digital events, books, ebooks, live workshops and events, and online classes. Their first joint venture under the Liberated B.I.T.C.H.ES movement, How She Got Free, is a spiritual business manual designed to help women entrepreneurs use universal laws, proven business-building strategies, and emotional wellness techniques to do work that offers them financially and emotionally rewarding lives.