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  • SubGenre:Child Development
  • Language:English
  • Pages:24
  • Hardcover ISBN:9781667817958

Home is in the Heart

A Book About the Real Meaning of Home

by Leslie Montgomery

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Today's a big day for Unique. She and her mother will stop living out of their car and move into the shelter. It's a scary change for Unique who has already gone through a lot of ups and downs in her short life, including losing her Grandma Alice, having to move out of their apartment, and leaving her dog, Jake behind. Just when Unique thinks she'll never get a home of her own, her Mom teaches her the truth about the true meaning of home: it doesn't matter where you are, home is whoever you're holding onto in your heart.
Home Is in The Heart A Book About the Real Meaning of Home Written by Leslie Montgomery Illustrated by Brittany Kopman To children all over the world who, out of no fault of their own, have had to build their homes on shifting sands… Five-year-old Unique stood in front of the brown brick building holding mother's hand. It was getting dark outside. "I'm scared Mommy," she said, looking into her eyes for reassurance. "I know," Mom said, "But it will be better than living in our car." Suddenly it began to snow and Unique felt a chill run through her body. "Will we get food here, Momma?" Unique asked as her tummy rumbled. She hadn't eaten since the day before at a church soup kitchen. Mom smiled for the first time in a long time before she answered. "Yes, baby. We will eat here." Unique and Mother walked in together. Soon they were sitting across from a nice lady behind a big, black desk. After giving them sheets, blankets, and pillows, she looked kindly at Unique, then handed her a tote. "It's called Blessing in a Bag." "Can I have it Momma?" Unique asked. She nodded her head as she smiled. When Unique and Mother settled in, she looked inside her bag. There was a blanket with hearts on it, a stuffed unicorn, colored pencils and paper, a children's Bible, a letter, and candy. Unique held the unicorn close to her chest. "I'll call him Buddy!" she announced with glee. Mom smiled because Unique did. Unique opened the letter. It had hearts, stars, and smiley faces drawn all over it. "What does it say Momma?" "It says, 'Hi. My name is Sammy. I used to live here. I was really scared at first. We left our house because my dad was hurting us. They will help you here. You will be okay. I will pray for you. Sammy.'" Unique put everything from her bag on her bed except her letter, the blanket and Buddy, then crawled into bed with Mom. "Momma, will we ever have a home of our own?" Unique asked as she snuggled so close she could hear her heart beating. Momma took a long time before she answered. "What would home look like to you?" she asked. Unique rubbed her sleepy eyes. "Well, Buddy and I would have our own room. You could have one too. We would have a table to eat at, and a bathtub to play in!" "That would be nice," Mom answered. "I'd like that too. But what would be the best part of having a home?" Unique thought for a moment. "Being with you Momma." "I feel that way about you too Unique," Momma said. "No matter where we are, as long as I'm with you, in my heart I feel like I'm home." "So home is in your heart?" Unique asked. "Home is whoever is in your heart. And you take your heart everywhere you go, so home can be with you anywhere you go." "So even though we are at the shelter we are home because you're in my heart and I'm in yours?" Unique asked. "Yep," Momma answered. "What about Grandma Alice? She's in heaven. But she's in my heart. Is she home?" Unique asked. "Yes. Home is whoever is in your heart." "Can Buddy be home?" "Yes." "Is Jake the dog home even though we had to leave him behind when we had to leave our apartment?" "Yes, he sure is," said Mom. "And my best friend Bella from next door?" "Bella too!" "What about Sammy? Can she be home?" "Absolutely." "Does home get too full?" "Home never gets full," Mom said. "There's always room for more in home." Unique was still thinking about how big home could be when she drifted off to sleep. It wasn't long before she and Mom woke up to noises from the kitchen and bright lights above them. Mom and Unique headed to breakfast with Buddy in tow. After looking around at all the people, Unique scooted closer to Momma. Suddenly she heard a voice next to her. "Hi, I'm Amanda. What's your name?" Unique turned her head towards the voice to find a blonde girl. "Unique," she answered sheepishly. "You must have just got here. My family's b
About the author
Leslie Montgomery is a ghostwriter for some of the nation's most prominent evangelical and political leaders and is the go-to author for faith-based biographies. Among several other books, Leslie is the author of The Faith of Condoleezza Rice and The Faith of Mike Pence. She is a freelance and scriptwriter, radio personality, Bible teacher, and a humorous and inspirational speaker. Leslie has written for secular and religious publications for over 30 years and has been a guest columnist and feature guest on Fox News, USA Today, the New York Times, The Washington Post, Eric Metaxas, Huckabee, Focus on the Family, and other prominent television and media outlets. Leslie was a speaker on the collaborated tour of Chuck Colson and Billy Graham and has traveled around the world with her speaking and teaching ministry. She is the recipient of the SME, Woman of Excellence, Women Mentoring Women Award, given to her by renowned journalist Lisa Ling for impacting the lives of others through her own accomplishments and for serving as an example to others of strength and fortitude in overcoming life's challenges. Home is in the Heart is the byproduct of Yeshu'a Ministries, founded by Leslie in 1993, which seeks to encourage, empower, and educate others on how to overcome their circumstances.
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