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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Cultural Heritage
  • Language:English
  • Pages:276
  • eBook ISBN:9781667851297
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667851280

Holcan Code

A Migrant's Journey to Creating Abundance for Many

by Rodolfo Eyl Cueva

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A novel about sustainable plant-based foods, the root-cause of illegal immigration and using an ancient mayan relic to become more resilient in life.
A novel about sustainable plant-based foods, the root-cause of illegal immigration and using an ancient mayan relic to become more resilient in life. With a Mayan artifact in his pocket, a mantra in his mind, and a passionate goal in his heart, a young, ambitious man leaves Copan in search of a brighter future in the US, not only for himself but all the people waiting back home. A servant leader, a life-long learner, and a man who doesn't back down from any challenge, Yab is equipped for success, standing upon the shoulders of his family and forebears. The dream, however, is daunting, indeed, as building a bridge between the US and his homeland won't be easy. Planting the seeds of prosperity for one and all will require one thing: deciphering the Holcan Code–a relic of the past that holds the key to a brighter future. Nobel Peace Prize Nominee María Elena Bottazzi endorsed this book and said the following about it: Life is full of seeming paradoxes. To move forward, we must look back. Personal happiness is contingent upon serving others. Compassion demands competition. The list goes on, but a trend is apparent: the power of connectivity. We don't win alone but by honoring where we came from, bringing others up as we seek solutions to benefit all. This timeless code contains the knowledge needed to alter Earth completely–and, at heart, it's truly simple to crack. Together, we'll do just that... The tale that follows is certainly meant to entertain. It has every component required to do so: a fearless underdog, a wild vision, a perilous journey, and endless obstacles. There is, however, a greater instructive purpose involved: imagination–not in the sense of escapism, no, but rather conceiving of latent real-world splendor and striving to bring it about. This piece of artwork imitates life, and readers are, too, invited to drink of its knowledge, pushing forward, inspired, to further Yab's pure goal. The time has come to part ways with the old paradigm and start making connections on a human level. It won't be easy by any means, but knowing where we're headed is. We need only aim for a future in which no soul feels forced to flee their homeland. A future in which connection first and foremost defines our common spirit–and not by top-down globalist force but human-to-human interaction, preserving eclectic cultures en route. So, if you're accustomed to passive observance, dear reader, be ready for something different. This isn't but a narrative. It's a challenge and a "call to charms." You may not have a Mayan spinner, but guided by sound principles, there's nothing that you can't dream or do. Remember, when you reach the end, your journey is only beginning ...
About the author
Rodolfo Eyl Cueva is a father of three and married to the love of his life. Rodolfo, better known as Rudi, is a Central American-born entrepreneur from a German - Honduran marriage rooted in strong Catholic values. He is an Alumni from Baylor University, Thunderbird School of Global Management and Harvard Business School OPM. Over twenty-seven years, Rudi has been involved in commercial banking, satellite communications, retail food, functional & natural food ingredients, agricultural technology, and family office investments. His concern over social inequality in Central America led him to volunteer in his community as the Founding President of United Way Honduras, a non-profit focused on early childhood development, and aslo in"ANA", a bilingual vocational school that serves an underserved population in Central America. He has also Chaired YPO in Honduras and Miami. He's currently based in Miami and is an active impact investor in sustainable farming.