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Book details
  • Genre:TRUE CRIME
  • SubGenre:Murder / Serial Killers
  • Language:English
  • Pages:322
  • eBook ISBN:9798350905823
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350905816

His Own Flesh and Blood

The story of Raymond Goedecke, the killer in the choir.

by Steve Bennett

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"His Own Flesh and Blood" unravels the chilling true story of Raymond Goedecke, once an ideal Christian boy turned psychopath. From the brutal murder of his own family to his unnerving charade as a church choir director, this book explores the dark, deceptive life of a man who fooled an entire community.
In "His Own Flesh and Blood," author Steve Bennett masterfully explores the shocking life of Raymond Goedecke. An eighteen-year-old divinity student from Chula Vista, California, Goedecke was the youngest man to be sentenced to death for the horrifying murder of his parents and siblings in 1964. Yet, in a twist of fate, his sentence was reduced, allowing him to evade death row, inherit a fortune, and ultimately gain early release. Raymond Goedecke was a conundrum—a good Christian boy on the surface, yet a chilling psychopath underneath. As a free man, he involved himself in a series of suspicious events, including the mysterious death of his apartment mate and a devastating church fire. Throughout his life, Goedecke maintained a facade of sanity, fooling an entire community and leaving a trail of victims in his wake. Delving into police records, newspaper archives, and personal accounts, Bennett paints an unsettling portrait of Goedecke's life, from his youthful years to his death in 1994. His narrative uncovers the disturbing reality of a man who seemingly could take the lives of five individuals and serve only fifteen years in prison. "His Own Flesh and Blood" is a haunting exploration of deceit, manipulation, and the terrifying depths of human nature, told in riveting detail. It is a story that will leave readers questioning the very nature of evil and the masks that it wears.
About the author
Steve Bennett, a native of Chula Vista, California, has dedicated his life to education and storytelling. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and Master of Arts degrees in Teaching and Educational Management from New Mexico State University. With thirty-seven years of service across four New Mexico school districts, Bennett has left a significant imprint in the field of education, earning recognition as a New Mexico Teacher of the Year nominee and an Outstanding alumnus in the College of Education from his alma mater. After retiring, Bennett transitioned into journalism, working as a reporter for three New Mexico newspapers. His investigative skills and dedication to truth led him to write "His Own Flesh and Blood." The book is the culmination of years of meticulous research into police records, newspaper articles, court transcripts, and personal accounts, offering an unflinching look into the life of Raymond Goedecke, a man who committed unthinkable crimes against his own family and community. Steve Bennett's work serves as a chilling reminder of the hidden darkness within seemingly ordinary individuals.