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  • Genre:MUSIC
  • SubGenre:Genres & Styles / Rap & Hip Hop
  • Language:English
  • Pages:285
  • eBook ISBN:9780977235728

Hip Hop Decoded

From Its Ancient Origins to Its Modern Day Matrix

by The Black Dot

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WARNING! This book is not for everyone. If you feel that there’s nothing wrong with the current state of Hip Hop, then this book is not for you. If you feel that gangsta rap, pimpin ho’s, violence, drug and thug activity, and half naked women in videos has elevated Hip Hop as an art form; then this book is definitely not for you.
 If on the other hand, you feel that listening to the same songs over and over on the radio that are laced with negative lyrics, watching soft porn or graphically violent videos, while reading the watered down Hip Hop magazines that endorse this way of life has shaped the minds of our youth, and are collectively being used as part of a mind control operation to mentally and spiritually enslave our future generations; then welcome to...HIP HOP DECODED.
MOME Publishing is proud to present the ground breaking, soon to be classic Hip Hop book, “Hip Hop Decoded,” written by an underground street writer, The Black Dot. This masterpiece takes its readers from Hip Hop’s ancient origin to its modern day Matrix. Never before has a book been written about Hip Hop through the spiritual scope of the culture, or has examined the culture from a mystical perspective. The Black Dot cleverly accomplishes both, while providing plenty of fuel for conspiracy theorist. Hip Hop Decoded reveals that Hip Hop is far deeper than just beats and rhymes, and masterfully illustrates that each element of Hip Hop (Graffiti, DJ, Emcee, and B-Boy) has an ancient origin (hieroglyphics, drummer, oracle, and dancer), as well as spiritual significance (earth, air, fire, and water). Knowledge is the fifth and most sacred element of Hip Hop, however, the most misunderstood. The Black Dot has compiled the most comprehensive study of the subject in book form. Hip Hop Decoded is the red pill for those looking to escape from the Matrix of Hip Hop, and begin the journey to uncover the truth about the culture. There have been many books written about Hip Hop from a political, social, economical, and even cultural perspective, but not many have uncovered the spiritual essence of Hip Hop. The Black Dot challenges the Hip Hop faithful to delve deep within its core to explore the most sacred aspect of the art form, and exposes the Matrix put in place to counter and destroy this spiritual energy. The foreword to the book was written by Legend, and Live Rhyme Master, Grandmaster Caz, and the illustrations were drawn by the legendary Graffiti Writer, James Top. This promises to be the first of many books to come from The Black Dot that will continue to explore the deeper, darker, mystical side of Hip Hop.
About the author
The Black Dot released his first album in 1988 on the infamous B-Boy record label with the group, Tall, Dark, and Handsome. He released his second album on his own independent label B.I.B. Records with the group called, The Lethahedz. In 2005, he released the book called, Hip Hop Decoded, which was viewed by most as controversial, yet was labeled as an underground classic by Hip Hop purist. Today, the Black Dot lectures on the history and philosophy of Hip Hop at colleges and universities.