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  • Genre:DRAMA
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Series title:H.E.R.O
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:266
  • eBook ISBN:9781667800660

H.E.R.O Chapter 1

by Dewey Dugger

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H.E.R.O Chapter 1: H.E.R.O Chapter 1 starts with heroes and world leaders around the world discussing the state of events of things that are happening around the globe. They discuss the horrors of the past and the hopes of the future of the previous and current generations unknowingly dealing with an enemy that is slowing lurking around from the past. The story is split in multiple perspectives giving a view of the world in the eyes of others. As we see new heroes and the old. New villains and their previous counterparts and factions between all groups. Interacting and coming together during the course of the series. These groups and factions go head to head in different locations around the world as they fight for what they believe is right or good enough for them. As the person behind the curtain begins to make their move in a world that has moved on from their previous actions. Begins to engage with the world once again for sole purpose of vengeance.
H,E,R,O, Chapter 1: Season 1 Based in modern times in 2016. In this world some people around 33% of the world's population have mutations. That gives off either extraordinary features or powers. Some have one, others have multiple. These mutated people were seen as outcasts in society, freaks of good or evil nature. No one at the time could really tell the difference in the past. These mutated people hid from the judgment of the world, turning toward groups like them for shelter and protection Some groups hated how the world treated them and rose in secret against the world. Causing anarchy and terror to those who mocked them, who saw them as wicked at face value. And others created independent societies to protect their own. This has happened for a long time. Mass crime and corruption, wars starting in the background out of confusion, hatred, independence, and destruction. The governments of the world tried to keep these people hidden to protect them. Making these people go down as myths and legends. But some refused to be silenced and fought back to be accepted and acknowledged These people became vigilantes of the night, leaders and builders of new nations. Fighting back against their own people, and those who hated them and hunted them with the help of the government. But these events led to a man and his wife to take drastic measures. In 1954 they led a devastating campaign across nations kicking off world war 3 with his followers during the cold war Which led to the United Nations summit of a call for all-out war. And in effect rose humanitarian groups to help in the effort to help people who have been affected by the war. Time skip 30years Starts with a speech presented at the UN summit by H.E.R.O Leader Jane. Jane talks about the beginnings of the H.E.R.O. Organization. How at first it was for disaster and war relief efforts. But then changed when people became more exposed to mutations. How people with mutations at first didn't want anything to do with the war and wanted to just help people caught in the middle of it. Then changed when the age of heroes came. And people started to look towards them as beacons of hope as more and more mutants started to volunteer. Then they lived up to the legends of heroes which started with Jane being the first published and supported hero. With her organization being named after the term. As she stopped an army from invading a neutral zone, rescued civilians, and helped the military push back against the militaristic mutant fanatics. So then the UN decided when this event was published that they should run propaganda, and show the public that they should respect these people and that there are beacons of hope out there The public rallied behind that message and propaganda People and mutants rallied behind her as a beacon of the future and more Mutants joined the UN fighting force under the name of the organization H.E.R.O. They were able to win mission after mission, campaign after campaign, with all this support against the villains. Which led to the main bodies destruction and the death of the leader of the villains The UN decided during the course of the war that racism, segregation, and any unlawful activity against any and all groups of race, ethnicity, mutations, sex, and color, shall be held and charged with a crime against humanity. The UN passed a universal civil rights law that should be held by all countries. During 1995 the war had officially ended and the UN laws were well enough enforced by all nations. Millions of arrests were made and crimes against the mutated people of humanity dropped significantly. The militaristic mutants who were caught during the war were given chances to either be imprisoned for the rest of their life or be a hero under strict supervision. The H.E.R.O. Organization grew and spanned over a million members. With Jane still as the head of the organization. However, the scars of the past are still felt around the world. where we start.
About the author
Hello! My name is Dewey Dugger. And first of all I would like to thank any and all readers for giving this story a quick read. You all could have chosen a hundred other books to choose from and instead you choose us. And i'll make sure that you wont regret it. As me and my friends have worked tirelessly on this project in the past 6 months. Chapter 1 of book 1 is 130,000+ words long with 20 episodes. We are working on the true comic version which should be released in late fall of 2021 and the animated version in December of 2021 or the first month of January. I hope you stick around and continue this journey with us.

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