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  • Genre:COOKING
  • SubGenre:Regional & Ethnic / Chinese
  • Language:English
  • Pages:192
  • Hardcover ISBN:9781098363673

Happy Memories and Food for the Soul

A Collection of Dim Sum, Appetizer and Main Entree Recipes

by Dick Yui-Kwan Ho

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Cantonese Cookbook consists of: • 17 classic dim sum dishes, • 17 favorite appetizers, and • 29 authentic entrée dishes, plus • a comprehensive Chinese Ingredient list, • a Dumpling Folding Method Tutorial, • Chinese Cooking Tips, and • a Dim Sum Menu Pictorial Guide
Are you hungry for some authentic Chinatown dim sum dishes, but either it is too far away, or the restaurants are no longer serving dine-in customers because of Covid-19? The author, a retired, successful Human Resources and IT executive passionate about the food he grew up in Hong Kong, is now sharing his recipe collection of 17 dim sum classics, 17 favorite appetizers, and 29 authentic entrée dishes. In addition to the 63 recipes, the author also included a comprehensive Chinese Ingredient list, a Dumpling Folding Method Tutorial, Chinese Cooking Tips, and a Dim Sum Menu Pictorial Guide in this cookbook to help you master your cooking skills and to create your own happy memories with your family, friends, and neighbors at the comfort of your own home.
About the author

Dick Yui-Kwan Ho was born in Hong Kong and raised by parents originally from China’s Guangdong Province—the origin of Cantonese cuisine. Dick remembers his childhood fondly, with food at the heart of his memories. His mother, a phenomenal cook and primary influence on food as a symbol of love would cook multiple courses of delicious Cantonese dishes during family gatherings and holidays. Sunday brunch with aunts and uncles consisted of dim sum dishes filling up an entire restaurant’s table. Through these early events, the authentic Cantonese cuisine’s tastes were imprinted into Dick’s taste buds, and the sights and sounds of family gatherings were forever carved into his memories. 

Upon completing his bachelor’s degree in Hong Kong in 1978, Dick came to America and worked as a Chinese restaurant waiter while finishing his graduate degree. Dick’s own culinary journey began after he was exposed to the secrets of these Chinese chefs. Throughout his various graduate studies, Dick often got invited to friends’ homes for holidays. His offer to cook an authentic Chinese meal for his hosts was always a welcome gift and a guarantee for a return invitation. 

During his thirty-two years working as an executive at several financial institutions, Dick never forgot his cultural identity. Cooking Chinese food at home became a de-stressor after a hard day at work, a bonding tool with his family at dinner time, and a way to share and celebrate his culture with his colleagues, friends, and neighbors.

In July 2018, Dick went into retirement and focused his energy on his health, hobbies (fishing, cooking, gardening, and photography), and spending time with his wife, children, and grandchildren.  During the COVID-19 lockdown in early 2020, Dick took on a personal challenge to master one Chinese dish every week of the year by researching, testing, fine-tuning, and perfecting his recipes. With his family’s endorsement, he decided to assemble his recipes into a cookbook to share with his family, friends, and neighbors. In Dick’s experience, food has the ultimate power to connect people. His wish is for you to utilize these recipes to create happy memories with your loved ones.

Book Reviews

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Authentic and Mouth-Watering With my love for Asian dishes, I recently ordered this cookbook. The description felt personal and authentic. The red and deep-yellow cover is inviting and feels as though we are literally stepping into a Chinese restaurant. The author’s personal introduction reads like a letter from a friend, followed by step by step explanations for us lay people to turn his recipes into success. The photos of the myriad of meals are big, pristine and mouth-watering. Clearly this chef has a passion for cooking and doesn’t mind sharing his secrets. This is the most elegant cookbook I’ve ever had in my possession. It’s so professionally done. Even the blank pages look like artwork. It’s almost too pretty to use for cooking and getting it stained. As a matter of fact, I will make it a coffee table book. It will make for great conversation and a prestigious gift for my friends. This isn’t just a cookbook – it’s a life story filled with courage, adventure, and recipes that promise us to make happy memories with family and friends. The testimonials at the end of the book are heart-warming. I give this book five stars and ten if I could. Read more