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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / Happiness
  • Language:English
  • Pages:172
  • eBook ISBN:9780961461195
  • Paperback ISBN:9780961461188

Happiness and Survival

by Bob Gebelein

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Bob Gebelein has moved outside the culture, has discovered things the culture doesn't know, and has written a book for which there is no genre. His discoveries were more psychological than intellectual, through psychotherapy, withdrawal from the culture, and dream analysis. In "Happiness and Survival," he describes his discoveries and the cultural resistance to these discoveries. He says that for personal happiness and survival of the species, everybody needs to go to a psychotherapist.

The message of "Happiness and Survival" is simple: for the survival of our species and personal happiness, everybody needs to go to a psychotherapist. Bob Gebelein shares his journey through the lies of the past to a new civilization, where he can view the academic establishment with some perspective. His solution for human survival is being blocked by an academic establishment that is removing knowledge from our culture. First, Gebelein points out the errors in "spirituality," "physicalism," and the rejection of Freudian/Jungian depth psychology. He then summarizes his search for a new civilization and the answers he found. Dream analysis, with the self-steering process, is a natural, nonauthoritarian method of self-education. Gebelein then shows the series of rejections that he went through and the few successes he had in trying to communicate his discoveries, primarily "the mental senses," the concept of "psychological age," the discovery that the normal person in our culture is psychologically 10 years old, how "human nature" itself can be changed at the psychological age of puberty, and "the self-steering process" of dream analysis. He then goes on to describe how the academic establishment has actually removed knowledge from our culture through rejecting mesmerism, the spiritual, the study of the mind, and the legacy of Freud and Jung. Lastly, Gebelein defines what should rightfully be called "philosophy," summarizes his own philosophy, and attempts to inform the culture of the evil forces lurking in the spiritual realm.


Review of Happiness and Survival

 by Robert Andrew » 21 Oct 2023, 07:10


[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of "Happiness and Survival" by Bob Gebelein.]

In Happiness and Survival, Bob Gebelein presents a compelling and thought-provoking exploration of life, happiness, and personal development. The author's courage to challenge conventional beliefs and embrace his own unique path to happiness is commendable. Gebelein's candid discussion of ego, spirituality, and psychotherapy offers a fresh perspective on self-improvement. His dedication to truth, rejection of warfare, and commitment to the greater good of humanity are admirable principles that have shaped his life. Through personal experiences, the author provides valuable insights into the benefits of psychotherapy and the importance of mental development. Gebelein's willingness to question established norms and offer an alternative view is a testament to his intellectual and philosophical depth, making the book a must-read for all readers.

I was engrossed as I followed the writer's philosophy on life and how he truly enjoyed happiness in life. By using his personal stories and the work of other psychologists, the author presented to his readers a philosophy that differed from the norm in the sense that it was not authoritative. The book highlighted the lessons the author had learned from his life experiences and how those experiences have made him realize that the path to happiness and the survival of the species, commonly accepted today, has not worked for him. Hence, there is a need to go beyond norms to discover what he feels is truly the right path.

I agree with the author on the need to withdraw from what is considered the norm in society to truly discover oneself and one's own personal philosophy of life. Through his personal stories, I learned a lot about the importance of dreams and the need to pay attention to the mental images that come to your subconscious mind.

I find several things interesting in the writings of the author. His views on matters like ego, physicalism, spirituality, etc., while differing from what is commonly acceptable in society today, provide readers with a fresh perspective on life's issues, challenging them to think differently rather than simply following the norm. He doesn't try to become an authority in his writing; instead, he encourages his readers to discover their own philosophy and not rely on society's definition of the norm.

There is nothing I dislike about this book. I must commend the author for his boldness and perseverance in ensuring that his philosophy is presented to the public. I also commend the editor because the book is exceptionally well-edited, with no errors to be found in it.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars because of the numerous lessons it contains. I recommend that this book be added to the psychology curriculum in schools. Just as students study Aristotle, Freud, and Carl Jung, they should also learn about Bob Gebelein's theory on happiness and survival. Those who want to discover themselves should read this book as well. 


Reviewed by Doreen Chombu for Readers’ Favorite

We have been conditioned emotionally and intellectually from childhood to believe everything based on other people's authority. Whether you are knowledgeable or not, it is up to you to decide what you want to believe. It is our duty to use our life experiences, logic, and proof to seek the truth. In Happiness and Survival, readers will learn how psychotherapy can be used as a tool to analyze the world from an unbiased perspective. Bob Gebelein narrates his journey of self-discovery, spiritual and psychological growth, and path to finding happiness. He talks about his quest to design a new civilization, his experience with psychotherapy, dream analysis, and how to find your true self. The author tackles various topics such as incarnation, religion, the hippy culture, recreational drugs, science, government, philosophy, spirituality, and physicality.

To read Happiness and Survival, you must be open to viewing your life from a different perspective and question everything you have ever been taught. I loved this because it is enlightening and opens your mind to new thinking possibilities. Bob Gebelein does a great job of presenting his work in a way many people can understand. He uses simple words and a conversational tone. The book is well organized with distinct chapters, and keywords and phrases in italics. I loved that the author was not trying to impose his ideas on others or give them solutions like psychologists or self-help books do. Instead, he leaves it to the reader to interpret the work and draw their conclusions. He refers to Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung's work and gives in-depth discussions on their contributions to psychotherapy and psychodynamics, showcasing his passion and well-researched knowledge of the topics. The book is a must-read for everyone who has deep-seated questions about the state of our minds, spirituality, and society.



Happiness and Survival

Bob Gebelein

BookBaby (2023)

ISBN: 978-0961461188

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/2023)

5*- Thought Provoking


“Happiness and Survival” is another intriguing work by Bob Gebelein. Within it, he shares his own personal story about his lifelong journey and positive experiences with psychotherapy. He puts a great deal of emphasis on the importance of individuals going through the psychotherapy experience to have a happier, satisfying life. By creating a deeper understanding of oneself, through psychotherapy, we become empowered and can better make conscious choices. For our species to survive, psychotherapy is crucial. Spiritual growth comes from psychotherapy. By sharing his experience of how he helped himself, we can apply this to our own lives.


Gebelein writes subjectively. He shares many interesting personal anecdotes about his journey through life, and how he believes that his ideas about creating a new civilization will help save our society. He discusses various other topics including psychology, philosophy, and his disappointment with academia only accepting physicalism. His writing style is engaging, and I felt like he was talking directly to me as if we were sitting somewhere and having an interesting discussion.


While some people might find his writing style authoritarian, it is important to note that he admits that the knowledge he is sharing works for him, and he would like his readers to consider this information and make their own decisions. He wants to show you how to break away from an external authority and become your own. His disappointment in the world of academia because of its focus on physicalism resonated with me. I do not believe that we should be dismissive of other forms of beliefs, especially those which involve spirituality. Among other interesting topics there is a fascinating discussion about Black Mentalists. It is my belief that I have encountered these, and I do not believe that mainstream society should be dismissive of this topic.


“Happiness and Survival,” stoked my interest to explore further. I frequently found myself adding books to my Amazon wish list and checking out information about other resources. He often refers to two of his other works, “Bad Science” and “Re-Educating Myself.” Having read and appreciated “Bad Science,” I added the latter to my wish list.


While I found “Happiness and Survival” to be highly informative, I believe that the information presented will push a few buttons, especially for those who are mired in the world of academia. However, I would recommend that they read this as well. Sometimes it is good to step outside of your comfort zone and see life from a different perspective. “Happiness and Survival” by Bob Gebelein is a must-read for those who have been involved with Psychotherapy. They will truly appreciate it and gain more understanding about their personal journey. I look forward to future thought provoking-works by Bob Gebelein.



About the author
Bob Gebelein graduated from Harvard with a bachelor's degree in mathematics in 1956, and went on to have a legendary career as a computer programmer and creator of software systems. But the main focus of his adult life has been to create a new civilization, due the threat of nuclear annihilation and other cultural problems. His methods were psychotherapy, withdrawal from the culture, and dream analysis. He succeeded in his quest by discovering how "human nature" itself can be changed, to compassion and altruism, to create a new kind of human being, who will then create a new civilization. His book, Re-Educating Myself, describes his search and the answers that he found. The Mental Environment describes the network of lies from which he extricated himself. Dirty Science exposes the unscientific methods that have blocked our knowledge of the psychic and the spiritual. In Happiness and Survival, he is putting all this together to show how his solution for human survival is being blocked by an academic establishment that is actually removing knowledge from our culture.

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