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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / Happiness
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Habituating Happiness
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:197
  • eBook ISBN:9798350905168

Habituating Happiness

Cracking the Codes to Limitless Joy

by Nolen- John Zander

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Would YOU like to discover your own true happiness? Right now, you spend 24 hours a day searching for happiness. It is the single motive behind absolutely every action you take. But are you experiencing enough genuine happiness in your daily life? If not, you need to take action. This Voluminous book series is a course in mega-happiness. It unveils simple secrets you can use to begin enjoying profound happiness and freedom in your life. From simple shifts in attitude to powerful mind-body "hacks" this guide will show you how to easily tap into the sunshine that already exists within you - and, quite simply, become the happiest person you know.
THIS IS A WORKBOOK! IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO PUT IN THE WORK ON MAKING YOUR LIFE BETTER, LEAVE IT WHERE YOU FOUND IT. In part One, we speak on the fact that we are all Energy. Even the rocks, water, Air, Fire, and all things. The best scientific minds conclude that Eastern philosophies have more merit than Western science, and Western science is trying terribly hard to grasp the concepts of Eastern Philosophies. Just now Western science and medicine have concocted devices proving what Eastern philosophers have been saying for Eons. The same words and concepts that labeled the philosophers as heretic, wizard, witch, etc., and had countless numbers of living beings with great connections to the beyond, now have been scientifically proven true. Your Physical Body, Emotional Body, Mind, and Soul, when tuned into a single frequency can create miraculous healings, have intuitions of disaster and joy, connect oneself to the infinite intelligence just like Nicola Tesla, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, and countless others who remain un-named throughout his-story. In Part Two you asked yourself the hard questions. The answers to which have been shoved, stamped, smashed, punched, etc. down into oblivion so as to make you forget your true Joy. After all, you are here for the purpose of the Matrix, the thankless boss who needs another Summer Home in another country, Right? OR are you here for the purpose which lights you up, makes you get up without an alarm or snooze button? To be EXCITED about every minute of EVERY day? You found your Purpose. You Found your PASSION. Congratulations. In Part Three there are some ideas to find happiness in your daily life. Review these often. From looking at the intricacies of the flowers along your path to the anger of one of your co-workers. Where can you look for the positive joy in the moment, where can you find the lesson which the Creator placed in front of you? In Part Four, the discussion takes you to turn these ideas into habits. Although I discuss physical habits so you can comprehend how to make new habits and delete old bad habits; my true aim is to have you create habits of thinking in every situation. Catch yourself when you feel that feeling of Disappointment, Anger, Envy; and turn it into your lesson from the Creator, What can I learn in this moment, Why am I feeling this Feeling? You likely will not comprehend at first, especially in an extreme feeling. YOU will later when you reflect on the happening. In the Apendecies there is a further exploration of releasing emotions, a glimpse at the types of food to eat more of, and some good old quotes to make you smile.
About the author
Nolen Zander is a retired Naval Intelligence Officer, now, Master Hypnotist. He is following the path of his Passion and Purpose to help people get out of their heads and follow their hearts. Therein lies truth, happiness, passion, and purpose for your life. Not what the powers that be tell you what you should DO to earn Money. He communicates his path to happiness through personal contact and media such as YouTube, Rumble, and his website: https://9elementsministry.massfluence.io/f/bqx4G. and www.9elementsministry.com