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  • SubGenre:Health & Daily Living / General
  • Age Range (years):3 - 5
  • Language:English
  • Pages:32
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667848624

Goodbye, Tooth Germs!

by Tsugumi Otani

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Once you read this book you won't forget to brush your teeth. If you do, the tooth germs will creep into your mouth and have a cavity party while you sleeping. You will be forced into two choices: going to see the dentist, who will fix your cavities or suffer an awful toothache. Pretty scary, isn't it? This story is about a girl who neglected to brush her teeth and as a result, she woke up with a bad toothache. Her mother decided to take her to the dentist, even though she was scared at the thought of getting her cavities fixed. Her experience is common for children. The hope is that after reading this story everyone will remember to brush and keep a nice smile with fresh, clean teeth.
Chimaki is a girl who likes sweets. One evening, she ate some yummy sweets after dinner. She was so happy enjoying her desert, she didn't pay attention when her mother reminded her to brush her teeth before bed. That night, while she was sleeping, the tooth germs, much to their delight, discovered lots of sugar stuck to her teeth. "Yahoo! Let's dig into her teeth!" All night long the tooth germs set to pounding and chewing away at her teeth. The next morning Chimaki awoke to a horrendous toothache. She had cavities! Her mother took her to visit the dentist. She was really afraid to go, but it would have been much worse to try and ignore her aching teeth. After the dentist threw all the germs out and fixed her teeth, she learned how important it is to brush her teeth everyday. She showed all of her school friends her bright, happy smile and told them about the importance of brushing their teeth each and every day. At night Chimaki and her friends all commence to brushing and everyone has clean, shiny teeth. With great big smiles they say, "Goodbye, Tooth Germs!"
About the author

Tsugumi Otani was born in Osaka, Japan and currently lives in Seattle. Aside from being the creator of Chimaki adventures, she works in healthcare. On the weekends or when not thinking of putting her childhood into storytelling, she takes full advantage of her leisure time. On rainy days she enjoys music, cooking, and exercise. Alas, when the sun breaks, she likes gardening and taking day hikes with her husband around the many mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

As a second language writer writing my first book, I knew this would be a challenge- especially as an aspiring author of children's stories. As an adult, I studied American English and although I did read some children's books early on, most of my language acquisition had been reliant on adult literacy, and later medical terminology. Returning to this stage took lots of help. Tugging on my husband's sleeve to proof-read is as common in our house as reading the morning news. Then there were the experts! Who knows children better than elementary school teachers? My "mom-in-law" and her dear friend (incidentally, her own master teacher when she was student teaching) helped to shape this story for my intended readers while not losing sight of my voice. A bright, shiny Chimaki smile goes out to Sharon Wilder and Anita Tschirgi for taking the time to put their finishing touches on what I hope will be the first of many stories to come!