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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:126
  • eBook ISBN:9789789125418

God's Choice of The Chosen

7Vs about David

by Sola S. Olukokun

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If you truly desire to be called a friend of God you need to understand what made David a special friend to God. God surely is not a respecter of persons, but He recognizes certain values and traits that position a man for an extremely beneficial relationship with Him.
Every generation has a list of its notable Generals. Like David; a man from whom we still draw a lot of Inspiration centuries after his demise, every reader can choose to be someone whose Life and Acts would be a blessing 2 posterity. Reasons readers should read "God's choice of the chosen” are listed below: • They would understand how the knowledge of God can make them stand out amongst their peers. More often than not, we understand that the manufacturer of an item understands the item more than anything .However, we as Human beings would perform better if we understand the Creator’s expectations of us. This can only be derived by getting to know more about Him. • The power of vision cannot be overemphasized. Vision has been often spoken of by many authors/ speakers, but in this book, you will understand the efficacy of vision and how it can give you courage and strength to overcome all obstacles. You will learn that visionaries see the future they desire in the present even if the present is bad. • The Power of versatility: Every human being is an embodiment of diverse abilities. When you discover these giftings, with the right exposure and in the right environment, you can achieve much more than you can think of. • Learn the mystery of boldness and being valiant; some heights in life are for the valiant and bold minded. There are heights we may not attain in life if we are not bold enough to confront the challenges on the way. • Being treated unfairly sometimes is the key to success in life. You will learn to identify the opportunities in every difficulty. With the right attitude, it brings out the best in you. Your People management style in spite of what they offer and how they treat you is also paramount in attaining great heights. • Life is about sowing the right seeds. What you sow, you will reap, when you do well, even if you are wrongly treated or victimized, you would be vindicated ultimately. • Everyone has the responsibility of becoming what he/she wants to become in life. It’s a matter of choice. David positioned himself to be king by some of his actions and inactions. There is a mandate to be fruitful and multiply but every human being has to work this out and through the help of God.
About the author
Sola Shiphrah Olukokun; a committed Christian, Minister of the gospel, and qualified accountant is the visionary for F®UIT (FEMALE RELATIONSHIP UNVEILING INSPIRED TRUTH) Foundation , a social and spiritual enterprise that seeks to help young women identify, appreciate and develop their talents. She desires to build a strong network of women who would motivate and inspire one another through mentoring and collaboration. Also a talented singer, she has a musical album to her credit. Very versatile and with good leadership and communication skills, her value system is centred on Integrity, Accountability and Authenticity. She is a member of Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos – Nigeria. Olumide Joseph Odewole; a committed Christian, qualified accountant, Sunday school teacher, worship leader and music director is God’s chosen visionary for Aletheia (Greek for Transformation); a platform that provides believers with contents of the right knowledge of God, and the dynamics of Christianity. Olumide believes that God has endowed everyone with one gift or the other, and is passionate about helping people discover, develop, and use the gifts for the glory of God. He is a member and worker in one of the parishes of The Redeemed Christian Church of God in Lagos, Nigeria.