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  • Genre:SCIENCE
  • SubGenre:Philosophy & Social Aspects
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9781936883028

GOD IS: A Matter of Fact

The Scientific Theory of Supreme Intelligence

by Marc Watson

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One hundred years ago the World was in Serious Trouble! Decades earlier Nietzsche had declared "God is Dead" and Marx had asserted that happiness demanded the abolition of religion. These men's "godless" social Science inspired revolutionary thought in a restless world. Advances in Physics and Chemistry demonstrated that Science alone could solve all the challenges to the Human Condition. Science sidelined God. The result was Catastrophic. One third of the world was plunged into oppressive Communism; Hitler used Nietzsche's theory to villainize an entire culture and ignite World War II; and nuclear arms were introduced to a world of growing intolerance. The World today is on the same slippery slope as a century ago. GOD IS: A Matter of Fact therefore not only withstands but clearly emerges from rigorous Scientific Study. There is clear and compelling evidence of a Supreme Intelligent Being as the source of Fundamental Intelligence, the most powerful phenomenon in the Universe. Yet science education in the U.S. requires students to accept that man is supremely intelligent; that the Universe and Life are driven solely by the inanimate forces of Matter. We must promote the Scientific Study of a Supreme Intelligent Being. GOD IS: A Matter of Fact recognizes the "Laws of Nature and Nature's God". America's strength as the "Shining City on a Hill" does not flow from our might; but from our sense of Right! The U.S. Constitution recognizes the "Blessings of Liberty", which can only be derived from Fundamental Intelligence. Scientific Study of a Supreme Intelligent Being and the Theory of Fundamental Intelligence offers the greatest opportunity to advance our understanding of Human Behavior in the hope of avoiding some of the disastrous Human Interactions of the 20th Century.
God Is: A Matter of Fact But Why Does the Fact Matter? Why propose the Theory of Fundamental Intelligence or discuss God as a Matter of Fact? Why is the Scientific Study of the existence of God warranted? The answer lies in two alarming biases: Restricted Science and Creation Teaching. Restricted Science. Over the last century there has been a concerted effort to eliminate any discussion of God or any hypothesis regarding Fundamental Intelligence from the Scientific Study of the Universe and the Laws of Nature. Restricted Science limits the study of the Origin of the Universe and Life to a singular belief: it was the result of a random spontaneous, accident. Restricted Science prevents public classroom discussion of a Superior Intelligence in the Universe. The Scientific evidence of a Fundamental Intelligent Being is compelling. Open Scientific Study of all creation concepts is essential if we are to understand the Laws of Nature. Limiting Scientific discussion for any reason is Bad Science. God's existence is a Matter of Fact, and therefore must be open to Scientific Study. Creation Teaching. We Teach Creation in Public Schools every day! Middle and high school Science classes delve into the Origin of the Universe and the Creation and Evolution of Life. Concepts such as the Theory of Everything and the Grand Unified Theory are introduced in an attempt to answer the fundamental questions of Life. Where did we come from and why are we here? However, because of Restricted Science, public classrooms cannot discuss the Theory of Fundamental Intelligence as the Natural Source of the Forces that Drive Life. Ironically, the evidence for such Fundamental Intelligence is overwhelming. Charles Darwin introduced Man's Selection (Intelligent Selection and Intelligent Design) as the basis for his work on Evolution and Natural Selection. Yet we are not allowed to discuss these concepts in public school science classrooms as part of the study of the work in which Darwin introduced this process, The Origin of Species. GOD IS: A Matter of Fact overcomes the barriers of Restricted Science and allows all reasonable theories for the Origin of the Universe and the Creation of Life to be considered in public Scientific Study.
About the author
Marc Watson is a Registered Professional Engineer with thirty years experience blending creativity and engineering to address unique challenges. Following his role as a Director with Universal Studios, Marc focused on the development of new Learning Experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math ("STEM"). He now leads a team of professionals in the development of immersive STEM Programs; engaging audiences in Math and Science in new and enlightening ways.