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  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9781483539416

Get Me Out of Here!

Welcome to Easter Island

by Richard Peter Spartacus

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Get Me Out of Here! Is a set of books revolving around the insanity of our dominating religious belief-systems, describing how and why they were created, what they do to us, and why it would be in our own best interest to put them behind us and embrace a wider sense of humanity. Welcome to Easter Island deals with the religious beliefs we do not normally classify as “religious” - such as Scientism, Darwinism, and capitalism. Due to the misunderstanding that they operate from “facts” rather than beliefs about the ways of our world they are often seen as pragmatic rather than religious. However, all of these concepts are based on assumptions that have never been proven, so the seemingly solid houses actually float on hot air, and through bondage of our minds these “memes” dominate our world and our existence in unhealthy ways.
Welcome to Easter Island falls in six parts of somewhat different nature, since it covers such a wide range of topics. Opening in Part 1 with some rather short chapters to get the reader started it proceeds into tales addressing a range of fundamental questions about our existence that man has always asked himself (and which neither science nor religion has been able to answer on their own). Part 2 explains who and what God is - and why the Created world exists. Part 3 explains what “time” is, and together with Part 4 it transcends the borders of traditional science to explain our existence as human beings and put it in a bigger context. Part 4 explains who and what we are as creatures of “space”. Part 5 deals with the perils of capitalism, and it is the theme the book has been named after, since capitalism and consumerism put us on the same trail as Rapa Nui followed on Easter Island. Part 6 deals with our modern Western societies and their unhealthy obsession with “strong leadership” - under the heading of “Hail Caesar!” This was also the original working title for the manuscript, but due to the emphasis on the Rapa Nui parallels, the title got changed during the project: Perhaps you could argue that this is a book with two interconnected titles… The different themes blend into each other throughout the chapters, but the main menu is as described, working its ways through a combination of childish curiosity, common sense, scientific facts, and spiritual awareness.
About the author
The author is a medical doctor and veteran life scientist with broad side interests in psychology, history, and physics - a member of the Mensa society and lifelong collector of “odd” knowledge who found good use for it all when he had his life invaded from “the other side” at the time his wife through ten years suddenly fell ill and died. The contact to “the other side” turned into an ongoing communication with “the Angels” and a resulting writing process that produced Light in the Dark, The South Will Rise Again, Get me Out of Here, and Elohim: A cycle or symphony of reflective semi-autobiographic books with tales of moral philosophy and the sociology of societies created to unify science and spirituality from the man’s unusual background and surprisingly open access to “spirituality” - and warning humanity about its self-destructive power.