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  • SubGenre:Healing
  • Language:English
  • Pages:60
  • eBook ISBN:9781483536217

Fluoride and Your Health

Exposing The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

by Ingrid Marshall

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The Shocking Truth About Fluoridation. You will discover • How fluoride can affect your teeth and not in a positive way • How fluoride can affect your health, leading to chronic and sometimes deadly conditions. • Why fluoride was put in your water, dental products, medications etc and it was not with your best interests at heart. • Who first used fluoride on its inmates and why. • How fluoride destroyed one community • How to avoid exposure to fluoride • How to detoxify this poison and regain your health • The most exciting new ways to heal cavities without drilling & filling.


It is my sincere wish that this book will open up people's eyes to the possibility that their poor health could come from sources they have trusted, such as their drinking water, ordinary medications and other common sources which I detail in the book. The book also explains how many of the illnesses manifest such as thyroid issues, fibromyalgia and fifty more. Being a practical gal I like solutions and the book offers many of those as well. I ask the question "Has good health been illusive despite you eating a good diet, supplementing with vitamins and minerals, exercising, getting plenty of sleep and all the other things generally recommended for good health? Have you been to many practitioners and not found relief?" You are not alone. There are many like yourself whom I encountered in my quantum biofeedback practice. I was determined to investigate and come up with solutions. One underlying thread I found with some of my clients was that all their symptoms were somehow related to thyroid issues. When the thyroid under-performs it can affect nearly every aspect of ones health including, but not limited to weight gain, depression, autoimmune diseases, heart issues and even cancer. Further questioning and working with the quantum biofeedback device showed that these clients had all been exposed to the halogens and in particular to fluoride in one form or another. I now had something to zero in on. The results of my research left such a profound impression on me that I felt compelled to write this book. There are detailed scientific books written on the subject and many articles written on various aspects of how fluoride affects your teeth and health. What I hope to achieve in this book is to have an easy to read book yet one which covers all the basic information necessary for the ordinary person to understand and gain encouragement that he is not alone in his struggle to become well and that there are solutions

About the author

Ingrid Marshall was born near Munich, Germany and immigrated to Canada with her family when she was nine. She finished her school years by gaining a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton University Ottawa, Ontario. Ingrid was born with an innate love for travel and curiosity about cultures which has compelled her to seek out new experiences all her life. She has travelled the world extensively throughout her career visiting many countries and civilizations such as: the USA, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, as well as spending many months travelling through her adopted and beloved homeland of Canada and enjoying its many diverse cultures and customs. Later on in her travels Ingrid found herself in South Africa and spent many years there which, fortunately, gave her the opportunity to explore even more -exotic sounding- neighbouring countries such as Mozambique, Namibia and several visits to Mauritius. After living in South Africa for 15 years Ingrid, regrettably, developed a serious auto immune disease for which the medical system had no solution, only palliative drugs, all of which had serious negative side effects. However, determined to find better solutions to her problem than traditional medicine was able to give, Ingrid began a new journey in her life; a journey which would lead her down a route previously, and totally, in-conceived of before. Ingrid started this journey by becoming a Reiki Master, then a Reconnective Healer, an Internationally Licensed-Quatum Biofeedback Therapist- and studied many, many modalities including the work of Dr Hulda Clark, on; nutrition, bioresonance and much more. Thankfully, because of her determination and unrelenting self-motivation, as a therapist Ingrid has been able to help many of her clients with a variety of Health Related Issues; but not all of them. And for those clients she could not help, Ingrid challenged herself yet again and did intense research on their behalf to, hopefully, enable her to rectify these shortfalls in Health Care Information. It was one of these challenges which has now inspired Ingrid to write her first book, “Fluoride and Your Health. Exposing the Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. She is also researching material for her next publication which will be on the bounties of the “Olive Tree” including the use of: the fruit, the leaves and the wood itself. This book will contain many recipes for the culinary, cosmetic and herbal medicine usage of the Olive Tree and will be in print later this year. Ingrid is a person with a passionate drive for self-fulfillment and self-help, and for sharing her hard gained knowledge with others. This she does in the form of books, public speaking and personal contact in the belief that she will make a difference. She does, and it has been my great privilege, and honour, to know her! Janice Ruffle, Journalist and George Whalley, Author