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  • Genre:MUSIC
  • SubGenre:Business Aspects
  • Language:English
  • Pages:144
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667816456

Finance The Dream

Creative Financing for Creative People

by Rob Terell and Lydia Plantamura

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Do you have a burning desire to follow your passion? Is creativity your calling and true purpose? As an artist, you follow your heart forward, but soon, you hit a major roadblock. It's the elephant in the room no one warned you about: Money. Plagued by poor finances, most creatives struggle with the details of turning their talent into a profitable career path. They pull at the thread of artistic drive and the financial aspect unravels. Maybe you're a filmmaker searching for equipment. Perhaps a singer who needs studio time. Or a painter longing to open a studio. Necessary expenses increase in increments and you start to wonder, "Can I even afford to chase the dream?" With 25 years of experience coaching artists in the entertainment industry, music business visionary, Robert Terell, is laying the groundwork for all creatives in Finance the Dream: Creative Financing for Creative People. In this fourth book from the certified OFFICIAL DEALMAKER, Terell, with co-author, Lydia Plantamura, guide talented creators in finding the necessary funding to bring ideas into reality, build a creative career, and ultimately translate their passion into profit.
Passion. This is where it starts. Creativity captures the heart and you must pursue it. Perhaps you're a singer trying to connect to the world with the sound of your voice. Maybe you're a filmmaker hoping to share a story visually with a camera. You could be a model attempting to convey an entire mood in one striking pose. Whatever your medium, as a creative, you have a deep longing to express yourself. It grows, becoming a part of your essence. You define yourself by this passion and begin to view it as your calling and your true purpose. As you embark on this journey, you start to learn about all of the additional things you never thought about before, all the things you need to level the playing field and help you stand out from the rest. You need decent film equipment to launch your YouTube channel. And a professional website to sell your merch. Plus, you'll need social media promotion to boost your following. You discover more and more things that you need to pursue the creative career of your dreams. It builds up, reaching a point where it doesn't even matter how talented you are. Regardless of your craft and skill, these other necessities must be addressed for you to continue forward. You start to ask yourself, "Can I even afford to be a rapper?" "Can I even afford to be a painter?" "Can I even afford to be a comedian?" No matter what your desire, no matter what you're pursuing, you eventually hit a financial wall that says, "You can't afford to chase the dream." The hard truth is that the entertainment industry is one of the hardest industries to "make it" in. Very few people chasing this dream will reach their end goal of fame and fortune. Oddly enough, a lot of creatives chasing this dream don't even recognize the unlikely chance of success. Competition is fierce with millions of others trying to break in too. You might be really, really good at what you do, but so are many other artists out there. The odds are stacked against you until you can compete on the same level as those who are already in the game. The truth is, you don't have to struggle. There is a way to the other side. You must build a bridge by hand to get there. And that bridge is built on a strong financial foundation. Finance the Dream: Creative Financing for Creative People is a guide for you on your creative journey. We lay the groundwork for viewing your talent as a business opportunity and offer specific methods you can use to access the funding needed to pursue a creative career path. We are bringing to the forefront various strategies to utilize financial information that has not yet trickled down to the independent space. The tools we are giving you are already being used by professional artists all across the industry, and you can use them too! For some reason, the majority of financial experts have never thought to tackle this topic before. Very few people have both the specialized industry knowledge and the financial wisdom essential to addressing the subject of business tactics in the entertainment space. Approaching it from a unique perspective, this book is making new connections between business finance and creative projects. Our goal is to help you find funds to propel you forward into whatever artistic endeavor you choose. We are providing guaranteed tactics anyone can utilize, and setting you up for success.
About the author
Serial entrepreneur and business visionary, Rob Terell leads a global legacy of influence in the entertainment industry. Ascending from unpaid intern to top executive, he is a financial strategist, published author, motivational speaker, film director, and music finance expert. Terell is well known for his work as a celebrity business manager, specializing in brand development and monetization. His creativity reaches far beyond the business realm as Rob brings his vivid imagination to life through an assortment of mediums. A family man, he cherishes the time spent with his children. He is affectionately known by friends and colleagues as THE OFFICIAL DEALMAKER.