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Book details
  • Genre:HUMOR
  • SubGenre:Topic / Adult
  • Language:English
  • Series title:FAST FICTION: 101-Word Stories
  • Series Number:2
  • Pages:176
  • Paperback ISBN:9798988427018

Fast Fiction, Vol. 2: Man Vs. Machine

by Scotty Cornfield

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In "FAST FICTION Vol. 2: Man Vs. Machine," improv writer Scotty Cornfield battles ChatGPT, the revolutionary AI, in an exciting duel of wits to craft the best 101-word stories. From comedic to dark, sweet to poignant, their tales span a vast spectrum of human emotion, with unanticipated twists and surprises lurking around every corner. Inspired by prompts provided by FAST FICTION fans, this vibrant collection showcases the unique brilliance of both man and machine. Embark on a thrilling journey through the untamed landscape of creativity, where the power of words takes center stage and every word counts. Get ready for a storytelling showdown that will challenge your perceptions and leave you hungry for more! (Note: the above description was a collaborative effort of man and machine).
What they're saying about FAST FICTION, Vol. 2: Man vs. Machine "Flawlessly compelling...thought-provoking...tales well worth telling." D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review "A masterclass on literary compression. Clever, funny, and entertaining, Cornfield takes the lauded Chat GPT to task to often humorous and absurd results. A must-read." — Nik Xandir Wolf, Author of best-selling novel Shadow Valley "The cleverest test I've seen yet of the state of AI as an imaginative force in our lives. As you read, one lesson becomes clear. The machine is dull and literal. And Cornfield is delightfully twisted." — Tom Rosenstiel Author of the The Days to Come, fourth in the Rena and Brooks series of political thrillers "By the time he's through, you are laughing out loud at Cornfield's sparkling wit, clever prose, and rich but economical story constructions, while feeling, bored if not downright nauseated by the vacuity, banality, and hollowness of the AI-generated prose he effortlessly surpasses." — Steven Salemi, The Computer Guru of Santa Fe "Scotty Cornfield's wit and creativity cleverly battle AI chatbots, and fortunately for humanity, Scotty's storytelling chops beat the machine most every time." — Mary Smathers Author of award-winning In This Land of Plenty
About the author
Author Info Although he now writes fiction, makes movies and operates as a licensed P.I., in a former life Scotty spent 30 years in the crime-fighting business, hunting murderers and sexual predators, as well as working deep undercover assignments, SWAT and a few other gigs. Throughout his career, he became a recognized interrogation expert, ultimately working as a consultant for the State of California and the federal government, traveling the country to train detectives in the fine art of truth detection. No lie! If space permitted, this paragraph would include his previous experience with U.S. Customs, in San Francisco and Alaska, tracking down smugglers and searching suitcases full of dirty underwear. Naturally, no bio would be complete without mentioning that the former newspaper reporter and magazine writer also performed stand up comedy and can still occasionally be found performing improv because…what else is a fiction-writing, ex-cop gonna do for fun?