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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Romance / Fantasy
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Selfish Fate
  • Series Number:2
  • Pages:270
  • Format:Paperback
  • eBook ISBN:9781737838234
  • Paperback ISBN:9781737838227

Evading Rain

by Taylor Batts View author's profile page

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Whether or not half-fae Enlilith believes in fate, it has found her in the arms of James, exactly where she believes she belongs. With the arrival of the goddess, Cybele, a confession threathens to turn James and Enlilith's relationship upside down. Cybele believes in destiny as well and is certain that Enlilith belongs with Cinaed, the man Enlilith has sworn to forget about. It is impossible to ignore that something is between Cinaed and Enlilith, though, and it is impossible for James not to notice that the woman he won may not be a prize to be had.
Following a devastating breakup with Cinaed, Enlilith finds comfort with her best friend, James, a man who has already declared his love for her. Enlilith falls into a romance with James easily and prays that the quick navigation of her affections is a result of the fate that James keeps insisting is between them and not because of a rebound. Her parents quickly accept the relationship that they saw coming between Enlilith and James and the household of fae prepares for the arrival of Cybele, a goddess who has decided to pay a visit to further examine the relationship between Cinaed and Enlilith. As Enlilith and James begin to explore the subtext of romance that has been in their friendship, Cybele decides to interfere. Pressuring a confession from Cinaed, Cybele forces Cinaed to reveal the ruse that he and James set up to keep Cinaed and Enlilith's relationship a secret; if Enlilith was to refuse to pretend that she and Cinaed were not together, he would break up with her on the condition that James would pick up the pieces. Enraged at this revelation, Enlilith attempts to be mad at both Cinaed and James, failing as her loneliness overwhelms her anger. Unfortunately for James, it seems that the closer he gets to Enlilith, the more she remembers why she fell for Cinaed to begin with. Determined not to be fickle, Enlilith escalates the physical affection between her and James until the ground beneath them becomes unstable. Has James, who has known Enlilith her whole life, come to terms with viewing her as a woman? Meanwhile, Cybele, who believes Cinaed and Enlilith belong together, works to uncover buried feelings. James's perspective is revealed as actions and affections threaten to hold relationships together or push them apart.
About the author
Author of 'Selfish Fate', Taylor Batts lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and cat. Being born into a military family, Taylor moved a lot but calls Virginia Beach her hometown. 'Selfish Fate' is her debut novel, written in conjunction with 'Evading Rain' and 'Vying Compulsion'. In her free time, Taylor watches video essays critiquing works made by individuals who are objectively more experienced and practiced than herself.

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