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  • SubGenre:Entrepreneurship
  • Language:English
  • Pages:156
  • eBook ISBN:9798350937312
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350937305

Entrepreneur Power Up!

My Ad-Free Startup Success & Your Guide to Doing the Same

by Clif Chambliss EMBA

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Embark on Clif Chambliss' rollercoaster journey from failed entrepreneur to disrupting the video game industry with a new product and company. Fueled by fatherhood, he conquers setbacks, crafting unique strategies to grow his business organically. This firsthand account blends resilience with tactical insights, promising an inspiring and entertaining narrative.
Embark on a captivating journey with Clif Chambliss, a tenacious entrepreneur whose path to success was paved with failed ideas and daunting challenges. The turning point came when he cradled his newborn twin boys, an experience that ignited the spark for a groundbreaking company and product. Undeterred by financial constraints, Clif embarked on the daunting task of mass manufacturing, driven by a vision that defied the norms of the video gaming industry. However, his journey took an unexpected twist when he found himself without the resources to invest in traditional advertising for his product. Terrified and alone, Clif had to navigate uncharted waters, relying on his ingenuity to devise unique and organic growth strategies for his business. Faced with setbacks, disappointments, and the looming shadow of depression, Clif's indomitable spirit propelled him forward. Against all odds, Clif not only weathered the storm but emerged victorious, ultimately selling his company to a major player in the video gaming market. This book offers a first-person perspective on Clif's remarkable story, providing readers with an intimate look into the trials, triumphs, and tactical maneuvers that shaped his journey. For readers who crave stories of resilience, entrepreneurial spirit, and unconventional success, Clif Chambliss' narrative is a must-read. Entrepreneurs seeking inspiration in the face of adversity or anyone drawn to tales of triumph against the odds will find this book both entertaining and enlightening. Clif's strategic insights serve as a valuable guide for those navigating the unpredictable terrain of entrepreneurship, making this book a compelling read for anyone with a passion for online business and innovation.
About the author
Clif is a serial entrepreneur with a dream of telling the emotional story about his first successful company in his debut book "Entrepreneur Power Up." In 2014, he bravely dove into starting his first company and selling his mass manufactured product online. With no budget for paid ads, Clif still found a way to grow his business organically, disrupt the exciting video game industry and went on sell his company in a year after explosive growth. As a Medical Device Account Manager by day, his sales background gave him great insight on how to leverage techniques and hacks that help make contacts and build both business and product hype. After completing his Executive MBA in 2022, Clif has accelerated his passion for business by helping others as a 5-Star Online Business Coach on Fiverr, creating online courses, a new YouTube channel and a his own branded smartphone App to foster his growing community of entrepreneurs. Clif is also currently the founder and CEO of TriDefi which is a fintech startup that is combining Web3, Esports and Wealth Management.

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