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  • SubGenre:Inspiration & Personal Growth
  • Language:English
  • Pages:290
  • Paperback ISBN:9798987755907

Embody Your Essence

Break Patterns of Suffering and Reclaim Your Joy

by Jennifer Gulbrand

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Embody Your Essence is a profound, compassionate, practical guide to living a life of purpose after peeling back all the layers of pain, fear, and limiting beliefs. Jennifer Gulbrand bravely lets us into her own life experiences, years of learning and growth, to provide the tools needed for living in alignment with your truth. This book is filled with wisdom, heart and the very insight needed in the world today!
Hello Goddess. It's no accident that you have found your way here. I'm quite certain you have been divinely guided to this book for a reason. This is the very moment when you realize that there is only one remarkable YOU in the Universe and you deserve to revel in your radiance! I am willing to bet that you find yourself in the middle of a radical reawakening. You are showing up here as a soulful woman ready to listen to the cravings of your heart, to release what doesn't serve you, to feel and move through what needs healing, and to own your story so you can more fully embody your soul's essence and radiate your light into the world. This book is based on my belief that it is never too late to lighten up, to let go of life's hardships and rise out of the ashes to show up authentically as only you can. I am here to witness your rising and to tell you that you can unravel your entire life story and become who you really are designed to be. When you do that everything will shift and you will find yourself living your dharma , your soul's calling, with a sense of purpose in service, and with joy and fulfillment. In Embody Your Essence, I share personal stories and reflections on my own path to becoming my more fully embodied and empowered self, in hope that you too will take the sacred journey back to your true essence, living in full alignment with who you came here to be.
About the author
Jennifer Gulbrand is a builder of heart-centered communities and safe, supportive spaces designed to hold space for growth and healing. She founded SheBreathes Balance Women's Collaborative and the WeBreathe Wellness Center to help raise the collective vibration and heal the human heart. As a Trauma-informed Embodiment and Empowerment Practitioner and Spiritual Enlightenment Coach, Jenn guides women to live in better alignment with their true nature. She combines positive psychology, mindfulness, meditation, breath work and movement with integrated energy and sound healing techniques to improve well-being in body, mind and spirit. She is the host of the High Vibes + Grateful Heart Podcast for Women on the Rise. When she's not writing, creating content, or teaching, you can find her at the beach, traveling, or hanging with her tribe of soul sisters.

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