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Book details
  • SubGenre:Fantasy / General
  • Age Range (years):13 and up
  • Language:English
  • Pages:35
  • eBook ISBN:9781543994223

Elemental Sisters

by Douglas Green

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A husband, wife, four newborn daughters and the nanny, Rina, were traveling through space on a family trip to the wife, Eva's, home planet, Creed. They were traveling to Creed to celebrate the birth of their four beautiful daughters: Khaleesi, Fiona, Katana and Chi-Chi. Eva and the father, John, were geneticists by trade. Eva asked her husband if he could plot a faster course home. He plotted the course through a wormhole because it would cut three days off their five-day trip to Eva's home planet, Creed. She paced the deck, eager to see her mother, whom she hadn't seen in ten years. She wanted to celebrate the birth of her four daughters with her mother. As the wormhole opened, John guided the small cruiser in at a fast rate of speed without slowing down. The ship's impact alert roared as John switched the ship to manual control. Before he could see what was on a collision course with the ship, something large hit the ship, tearing a great hole in the side. The ship spun out of control.
John watched Rina climb into the pod as Eva kissed each baby and placed them in the pod next to their nanny. John and Eva both connected the breathing tubes and protective sleeves as they wrapped each one around each baby for protection. Rina begged John and Eva to squeeze into the pod with her and the babies, but they refused. Rina knew if they climbed into the pod, it would only deplete the oxygen faster. John closed the door to the pod and typed in an emergency eject survival code. He ejected the pod from the ship and into the wormhole exit with no coordinates. His wife stood by his side, crying and holding his hand. They walked back to the command center. I have loved no other man as much as I love you, husband. "I had hoped to live out my entire life with you, but I must leave you because of these unthinkable circumstances," he said. "If we must parish, then I am glad I am perishing with the love of my life," she said. "I'm worried more about our lovely babies," he replied. "They will be fine. Rina will take good care of them, and I trust her. We have discussed this situation many times when I took her in as my assistant. We have treated her well and made her a part of our family. She has never given me any reason to doubt her sincerity," Eva said. John slowed the ship to put some distance between them and the pod. The ship went critical and exploded with great force pushing the pod farther and faster through the wormhole, forcing it out into deep dark space.
About the author
Part-Time Author who live in small town of Cortland Illinois