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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Romance / Contemporary
  • Language:English
  • Pages:388
  • eBook ISBN:9780983883814

Edge of a Dream

by Diane Brandow

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There's something about cowboys, strong women, falling in love, and happy endings....


     Divorced, broke, and alone, Kody Monroe merely exists in a dead-end midwestern town. When two lawyers tell her that she’s inherited a ranch in Montana, Kody hesitantly agrees to take a chance and leave the only home she’s ever known to start a new life out west. When Kody arrives at the ranch, she meets the unapproachable, much younger ranch foreman, Jake Shannon. Kody is drawn to him like a magnet, but red flags go up, followed by a sheet of armor around her much-broken heart. Jake, who has turned his own emotional hurts into a comfortable kind of loneliness, was expecting a woman from Indiana who didn't know how to run a ranch. But he finds blue eyes deep enough to drown in, and a smile warm enough to melt anyone’s heart, including his, which throws a monkey wrench into the secure world he’s been in. Kody has many unanswered questions as to who willed her the ranch. What, or who, is buried in a lone grave in the middle of a desolate prairie. Then there’s the surprise visit from an ex-husband she thought she’d never see again. Will family secrets and a heart out of control give Kody the courage to stay in Montana and live the life of her dreams? Or will she walk away from her dreams and go back to Indiana?

About the author

    I was born in Des Moines, Iowa, but grew up in a small town in northwest Iowa.  I lived in southern California for seven years, which is where The Color of Tears became a dream story, and eventually, my first novel after I moved back to Iowa.
     I've always had a love for songwriting and have written and composed over a hundred songs.  At times it was personal satisfaction writing the words, then taking my guitar and putting those words to music.        
     With a never ending love for writing, it would only seem natural to take the words I carried in my head and turn them into full length novels. The one thing I've decided not to worry about is critics. They're always going to be there no matter what. I take it with a grain of salt because you can't please everyone. 
     I also have an undeniable love for animals, and if I could, I'd save every homeless animal on the planet. Please adopt from shelters because there are so many animals that need good loving homes. 
    My debut novel, The Color of Tears was probably one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life.  I have to give my best friend, Marcie, that credit.  I told her my story and she said, " why don't you write it," so I did.  At times it makes me cry . . .a lot. I laugh, and I smile. but mostly I just get a lump in my throat. This story was written straight from my heart. I hope that the story of Dany and Jace touches the readers hearts the way it has touched mine. It is a story that truly does leave one believing in the power of love.   

     Rainstorm was published in February, 2010. This is a story about coming home, learning to let go of a sad past, and taking a second chance on the first love of your life.  It seemed to write itself. It's cute, funny, sad, and uplifting. It's categorized as a comtemporary romance.  I call it a love story.

     I enjoyed writing 'Rainstorm' and thoroughly love the meaning of that word. It's not about storms, or hurricanes, or tornadoes. It's about what "I love you" really means.  Jessy is strong, independent, and stubborn. Matt is, of course, a tall, dark-haired, handsome, cowboy, and sexy as the day is long. The little dog, Maggie, makes the story complete. She has her own point of view perodically throughout the book, almost human like. 
  VOTED: 2010 BEST COVER DESIGN & BEST WESTERN ROMANCE at Books-and-Authors.net.
WINNER: 2011 romance category-GlobalEbookAwards