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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Science Fiction / Action & Adventure
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Ebola: The Rage
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:260
  • eBook ISBN:9781098389758
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098389741

Ebola: The Rage

by Mark Kramer

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A flu virus mutates into a viral pathogen with a mortality rate that is over 80%. Scientists attempt to create a vaccine to stop the progress of the virus. In the process, an element of the pathogen causes victims to become enraged and violent. The Rage, as it is called, threatens to disrupt every nation on the planet. It is up to three researchers to find a way to save mankind.
A flu virus emerges in Mumbai, India. For weeks, no one is concerned. After all, the flu appears every year. But this virus is different. It has one unusual symptom. Some of those infected with the virus become enraged. They become violent and destructive. As the virus progresses, the Rage, as it is being called, begins to concern world governments. Something has to be done to stop it. ​ Mick Delaney, CEO of the pharmaceutical company Immutrends is called on by the president of the United States to develop a vaccine for the Rage. From that research, Mick discovers something inexplicably frightening: the Mumbai Flu, the Rage, will eventually evolve into an Ebola variant, something Mick names Ebola Air. That airborne virus could have a mortality rate of over 90 percent. It could lead to an extinction-level event, one that would all but destroy mankind. ​ Because of the potential for such a threat, Mick and his partners, Grant Tracer and Emily Adkins, design a vast underground shelter to be built in the Montana wilderness. The project, called the Core, will allow up to two hundred members to be protected from the pandemic for up to twenty years. Members will be sent a signal when it is time to travel to Montana. Inside the Core, his team will attempt to find a vaccine for Ebola Air. But there's a larger question—how did a flu virus mutate into an Ebola strain?
About the author
Ebola: The Rage is Mark Kramer's second novel. His first work, Domes: The Discovery was published in August 2020. Mark was the president of his family's business, as well as an instructor of philosophy. He is currently working on two new books, Domes II: The Aftermath, and the sequel to Ebola: Emergence. Mark lives with his wife, Lori, in Schaumburg, Illinois