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Book details
  • Genre:COOKING
  • SubGenre:Entertaining
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Easy cooking for dummies, men and students
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:128
  • eBook ISBN:9781483519029

Easy Cooking for Dummies, Men and Students

Food, Fun & Favorites

by Bjarke Steen Rasmussen

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" Easy cooking for dummies, men & students." The book provides plenty of beginner tips, favorite recipes. The book is 128 pages of recipes, advice, illustrations, humor and pretty kitchen girls. A perfect blend of entertainment and advice to get the inexperienced person to start to cook and enjoy cooking. It is the attractive gift for birthdays, Father's Day, student, student organizations and the young lads leaving home. Buy a book to punk near you. The author Bjarke Steen Rasmussen wrote: The recipes are all tested on lads, men, students and also our families - including children ... So I hope it will help , inspire and make cooking enjoyable. even for other dummies, men, students. As J.R.R. Tolkien said in his books about Lord of the Rings "If more of us valued food, cheers and singing of the hoard gold , it would be a happier world. " Besides the recipes there are advice on how to minimize food waste and utilize leftovers. Leftovers and Tips Magic - Make leftovers for goodies Less food waste and Tips The perfect leftover pie Info for Stop Wasting Food movement The book has got splendid reviews: 5.0 out of 5 stars Move over Jamie Oliver, Here is a guy with a sense of humor, who can write, and knows his way around a kitchen! Bravo. I loved this cook book. It has some great recipes. - A UNIQUE COOK BOOK FOR THE BEGINNER COOK - HIGHLY ILLUSTRATED - LOADS OF PICTURES - A BOOK EVERY MAN WOULD LIKE... - THE BOOK IS ALSO ALLOWED FOR WOMEN TO READ BUT BEWARE OF THE HUMOUR AND PRETTY COOKS - THE BEST BEGINNER BOOK So check it out
A UNIQUE COOK BOOK FOR THE BEGINNER COOK - HIGHLY ILLUSTRATED - LOADS OF PICTURES - A BOOK EVERY MAN WOULD LIKE...THE BOOK IS ALSO ALLOWED FOR WOMEN TO READ - BUT BEWARE OF THE HUMOUR AND PRETTY COOKS - EYECATCHING. This book delivers recipes, quotes, jokes and advices for the new beginner (cooking need to be fun) - most of the recipes is to use on a daily basis. They are all tested on men, dummies, students and also our families - including kids... So I hope it will help, inspire and make cooking enjoyable. even to other men, dummies and students..This book is the perfect gift on Father's Day, buddies birthdays and to new students. YOU WILL NEVER REGRET BUYING THIS BOOK - BUT IF YOU DO...- ITS PROBABLY BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT A DUMMIE, MAN, OR A STUDENT... If you are a women - consider buying it to your man..
About the author
Born in Pointe Noire, Congo 1970 and brought into the world with a scream and a zest for life. Danish nationality Since 1971 been living a safe, good life at various places in Denmark. Bathing accident in 1988 caused a broken neck and gave a life in a wheelchair and other perspectives on living the life we are given. Educated school teacher Graphics & web designer Food enthusiast Eco, environment interested Organic & recycling revolutionary Right now our beloved earth is in a poor state, and seeing into the future can be a bit worrying if you think on environmental, resource use and climate status. We have to make some changes and start making some other priorities and more focus on using resources wisely and protecting the environment. Everyone who buys this book is also indirectly helping me to make a little difference too. The more of your friends, family or others you recommend this book to, the faster you will help me collect a larger sum of money to donate. So spread the word about "EASY COOKING FOR DUMMIES, MEN AND STUDENTS" I will let you know when part two hit the bookshelf's. Besides that, I hope this book will be inspiring, thoughtful, entertaining and give any reader some good experiences and moments. A mix to inspire readers to cook and think positively.... This book became only a reality because of free spirit, open minded approach and because of a strong personal belief in persons I meet wishes me the best in life as I wish for them. Believing creates magic in the book, in real life, and could result in more great things for those who join in. Take care – thanks for reading and good luck cooking.