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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Science Fiction / Action & Adventure
  • Language:English
  • Pages:226
  • eBook ISBN:9781623099510

Earth's First Galactic Citizen

The Finder's Fee

by Attila Gf. Matuschka

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IddiKlu's crash landing spaceship's computer pilot finds David, age 8, a California boy, to help. David's reward, he becomes Earth's first Galactic. Imbued with inhuman powers, life with hometown, parents, school mates, alien friends and visitors strains the boys emotions to the limit.
DAVID BOULDER, EIGHT YEARS OLD, IS TOO BRIGHT, AND TOO HEALTHY, BECAUSE OUT OF THE FUTURE, A FRIEND CAME BACK AND DOCTORED HIS GENES AT BIRTH. He is abducted by IDDI KLU an alien of a canine race which is a member of the galactic civilization. Iddi Klu requires David’s help to find and fix a glitch in his ship’s command module. The faulty command computer is the cause of Iddi’s crash-landing on earth. David’s reward is a citizenship in the galactic civilization and a fully paid grant for its school. David, standing with one foot on earth and with one foot in the advanced society of the galaxy, is torn by conflicts of conscience. He falls into feelings of despair. He feels as if he were home alone since his new talents are widening the gulf between his rapidly expanding mind and that of his friends and parents. David goes through a separation syndrome. There is serious support around from his older friend Skip and in a way from Buddy, a dog, which he has caused accidentally to become telepathic. David is bright, exceptionally bright and healthy. He has not yet learned to cope with frustration up to the moment he becomes a galactic citizen. At first it’s just a lot of fun, but then the Earthboy plus Galactic becomes disoriented. David develops a separation syndrome, which pushes him to drop the scholarship. He even tries to destroy the telepathic link to the galactic society
About the author
Born in Rumburg Bohemia April 11th, 1930, living at my grandfathers Villa I attended Grammar School Sandhübel Silesia Fall of 36, today's Czech Republic, in the Altvater mountain region, now called Jesinic, ten kilometers from Germany, now Poland. Dad spoke Hungarian and some French as well as German after parents moved from Buda Pest to Vienna at end of war in 1918. After annexation to Germany, passed test for NAPOLA officer cadet high school, named Theresianum in Vienna. Expelled end of 41, when school found me to be a foreign citizen. Two years at Peadagogium Alpinum in Garmisch. Took off from this school summer of 44, and got bombed four times on way home. May 8th, 1945 fleeing from Stalin's Russian troops. Arriving in Salzburg, Austria early August. School during days and high school evenings. Using British invitation to spend a year in England. Finished to learn speaking English. Back to Salzburg Austria, finish high school and work part time for US Army as cash courier. Summer of 51 visa with loan for travel expense to Canada. Got commercial driving license and delivered Browns Bread. Weekend teaching driving after starting driving school in Leaside town. Job offer at Mercedes Benz of Canada Ltd. Davenport street. Pilots license for wheels and floats on Island Airport at Lake Ontario Four years of working at various dealerships and towns to improve dealers performance. USA visa in summer of 61. Flight to San Francisco and work at dealership on Geary Avenue, After car accident, on Doyle Drive, recovery, started up a type setting and business management consultation office at 680 Beach street. Management advertisement on telephone book, caused an involvement of work/financial assistance and stock participation at Advanced Crystal Sciences Inc. in Santa Clara as CEO. Expanding Advanced Crystal Sciences Inc from selling in USA, to shows selling at Birmingham, England, Zurich Switzerland, Munich Germany, Beijing China, and Tokyo Japan. Gave up control at ACS Inc now in San Jose. Started company with help from Langley Washington, to help countries businesses in African countries, Ivory Coast, past Nigeria to eastern Ethiopia, Greece, Israel. While living in California I started writing novels on Sci Fi, human relationships, adventures, and political dangers for people and ways of dealing with those. After end of Cold War went to Eastern Europe to talk to people about their view of the world before they had an opportunity to read and learn about the western world of Europe and USA