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  • SubGenre:Afterlife & Reincarnation
  • Language:English
  • Pages:209
  • eBook ISBN:9780988139008

Dying to be Born

The Complete Journey Between Death and Birth

by Jhani

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Have you ever asked “What happens when I die?” or thought “Do I continue on?” Discover how reincarnation works and how it can dispel the fears about death and the after-life. From the experience of ‘My life flashed before me’, to understanding the ‘heaven-like’ state presented by religions to choosing your future parents – these are all part of the ‘seven important stages of transition’. Learn how you can prepare – now – for the exciting journey of life after death. Curious? Being prepared, knowing what to expect and recognizing how to work with the new energies, can build you an easier passage through death and beyond. By acknowledging the touches of the subtle-worlds, the transition into these realms will be eased and the environment more comfortable. Recognizing and developing skills in this life such as observing subtle actions, honouring intuitive feelings, being aware of non-verbal communication and finding nature’s beauty are just a few of the helpful perceptions into the subtle world condition. Just as there are ‘helpers’ in this life, so there are a myriad of helpers ‘on the other side’ waiting to assist the traveler. From the light-filled tunnel pointing the way, to spirit-guides who help with wisdom learning, the higher worlds are eager for you to learn and transition. The book graphically paints a picture of each of the unique realms that are traversed while on this journey of reincarnation. Each stage, with a unique setting, assists us to grow and gain the wisdom that can be carried into the future in the chalice of achievements. The book also weighs-in on some controversial issues that may differ from a mundane perspective – like why we have developed such a fear death, channeling, abortion, suicides and, children that choose parents long before pregnancy. No matter what your beliefs or perceptions, this book may well stretch your reality and raise your interest.
Dying to be Born takes a complete and comprehensive view of reincarnation and how it works. This book traces in step-by-step detail the stages between death and being born. It answers the questions of why and how we reincarnate. By understanding the progression of life after death, it will help dispel the fear of the unknown that death presents for most of us. The book examines the entire circular process of the soul’s spirit-learning from aging through death and after death. It then reveals the complete sequence of the incarnating soul from pre-conception through the in-utero fetus and into the new life after being born. It shows how life’s learning and the many stages of the dying process assist the yearning soul to reincarnate. It also describes the many steps of gaining inner wisdom - from aging to death and the recapitulation review of one’s life immediately following death - as in ‘My life passed before me’. The book shows how, with the release of the astral body and the liberation of karmic attachments, the next steps opens the doors to unbridled possibilities in preparation for the next life. Clearly explained is how the ‘seed of the spirit’ transitions from the past, with all its wisdom, into the start of the next life. It shows how the incarnating spirit guides conception and the stages of pregnancy through the densification of the fetus, to the new birth and reincarnation. The book also looks at how one’s many past-lives affect the incarnating soul and prepares itself for birth and new life experiences. Included in the reincarnation progression are ‘spirit-agreements’ made with other souls before the final covenant to incarnate in the first trimester of pregnancy. Then, reflecting the evolution of the planet’s past and in conjunction with the soul’s karma, a new earthly body is built in-utero. You will discover how the incarnating child will be uniquely individual – differing from his/her siblings, as they bring past life propensities and future opportunities that are recognized in the chalice of achievements. Also discussed, from a universal perspective, are matters of abortion, miscarriage, soul mates, the birthing process and post-partum depression. With a broad unified overview, such topics of ghosts, suicides, channeling, hypnotism and religious and non-religious beliefs are discussed through a foundation of clarity. Finally, the book raises the centuries old questions of ‘Who is God’?, ‘Where is God’? and ‘Why are we here’? These questions are clarified by looking at the universal laws of nature which guide our path forward.
About the author
While hitch-hiking through the States in the early 1970’s, going anywhere life took him, Jhani stumbled on an Ashram in the middle of nowhere in upstate New York. Having rejected orthodox religion and with no specific spiritual interest, Jhani enjoyed ‘hanging-out’, as a hippie will, at the Ashram. Spending time with a kindly old man, whose language contained strange Eastern words and unusual devotions, he returned to his home in England. But he was not the same person who departed. His heart had been nurtured by a special energy. In England, he investigated many wonderful spiritual groups trying to find answers to his questions. Each group offered wise words, but still left Jhani searching - knowing he needed to discover his true spiritual path. He read many books, visited many spiritual centers and learned much about esoteric Western and Eastern philosophies, yet his heart-yearning was still unfulfilled. All the while he knew, inwardly, that his meeting with the old man in New York state was the gateway to his path. Another few years passed before acquiring the books of the teachings of Agni Yoga (the yoga of fire). However, these books only added to his frustration as no one could respond to his questions that the books raised. Fortunately welcome relief came with the appearance of one of the kindly old man’s disciples who had come to live in London. Being an extremely knowledgeable student of Agni Yoga, study classes lasted late into the night with uplifting discussions on cosmic concepts. It was quite clear to Jhani that he had found his path and the kindly old man was his core spiritual teacher – his Guru. It only took a few short years for Jhani to move to Canada to study directly with his Guru, Ralph Houston. Under Ralph’s tutelage, through his life and continuing after his death, Jhani has continued to study Agni Yoga – for what is now over 40 years. While the pursuit of spiritual learning has taken Jhani to many places and embraced many occupations, his love of the arts and sciences has always been a cornerstone of his life. As Nicholas Roerich, who helped give Agni Yoga to the world, so aptly created in the Pact & Banner of Peace - that arts, sciences and philosophy are encircled in a ring of culture. Jhani believes, as can be seen by ancient cultures, that the Arts preserve the essence of humanity’s culture. He also has a life-long passion for the leading edges of science and pure math as they show the way to the far-off worlds and to infinity. Like the multi-dimensional universe of quantum physics and the root of minus one that takes one into an imaginary world, such perceptions open the doors of possibilities. Jhani has written and spoken on many areas of spirituality. This book is a culmination of his studies to date.