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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Action & Adventure
  • Language:English
  • Pages:299
  • eBook ISBN:9781483544854

Dual Mission

by Joseph Muratore

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Dual Mission is an intriguing and compelling story filled with surprises, action, twists and mayhem. It brings back to the E-novels Joseph Muratore's previously introduced Super Agent Carl Downey and his fellow Agents John Bennit and Loreen Thompson. They are members of the United States Government Secret Anti Subversive Agency, better known by the acronym SASA. Dual Mission sends Super Agent Carl Downey on two distinctly separate missions, that through a strange chain of events managed to uniquely parallel one another. Both missions showcase his perseverance and determination. One mission highlights Agent Downey's unbelievable detective skills and the other his obsession to track, kill or capture a diabolical extremist Muslim known as Shabahh. During these Dual Missions for all of their intensity they still manage to incorporate the thread of a deep love interest along with some light hearted humorous moments, in a separate but misguided search for missing ancient treasure. This is a well formulated, interesting and plausible story. A story not to be missed.
The Author Joseph Muratore in his newest and compelling third E-novel Dual Mission returns the previously introduced United States Government Secret Anti Subversive Agency, better know by the acronym SASA. The same main characters Super Agent Carl Downey and his close SASA Agent associates John Bennit and Loreen Thompson (that were featured in his two previous novels Cyber Attack and Shabahh the Phantom Terrorist) are back to engage with Carl Downey in a truly unique and hazardous Dual Mission. Carl finds himself involved with two passions that consume his thoughts. One is a burning love interest and the other is a smoldering need to find, kill or capture a previous devious adversary, the diabolical yet brilliant Muslin extreme terrorist known as Shabahh. An extreme terrorist that had caused Agent Downey untold misery when Shabahh lead a terrorist group that caused mayhem across the United States the previous year. In this newest E-novel Carl Downey finds himself in two separate but distinctly parallel missions. In a bizarre twist of fate Carl Downey acting in a civilian capacity employees his unique detective skills to aid the woman he loves, while at the same time he manages to apply his enormous skills as a SASA Agent to track his nemesis Shabahh. The action follows a trail that takes Agent Downey from Boston to Houston, to Washington D.C., all the way to Timbukto and West Central Africa. This story shows off Carl Downey's amazing detective skills and his ability to master situations that other people wouldn't even attempt. The reader will be amazed by his ability to be a master of disguise as he travel incognito in a world full of death, turmoil and political intrigue. At the same time the reader will come across some historical trivia while finding themselves traveling in many exotic areas that will include involvement in a quest for a (real) ancient treasure. In the manner that this page turning story is written the reader will see the masterful way that it is all pulled together to keep their interest in an extremely plausible plot. This story is not to be missed. At times it combines humor, with wit, love and revenge. The areas and locations along with the military weapons and many other items have been meticulously researched and although a story of fiction much of it is based on true facts. The characters in some cases are real and known by the author but are not in their proper place or positions. Any actual quotes are attributed to those responsible for them. Many unique quotes, statement or comments are those created by the author.
About the author
This is Joseph Muratore's third E-novel. His previous 5 star E-novels were Cyber Attack and Shabahh the Phantom Terrorist. Mr. Muratore is not a professional journalist, but has always been considered a great story teller. After a successful career in the electronics industry Joseph retired. He had always written stories for his six Grandchildren that they always considered as their favorites. Since retiring Joseph now writes full length E-novels that have been well received by his readers.