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  • SubGenre:Political Ideologies / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:296
  • eBook ISBN:9798350902068
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350902051

Drowning in Bullsh*t

Will America Survive?

by John D. Sanderson and Elizabeth J. Sanderson

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Love or hate America, this thoughtful and well researched book enlightens and encourages all Americans to be aware of the dangerous times we are in. America will either die a tragic death to Socialism or survive as a free republic. The choice is up to you!
In the last few years all of America has been exposed daily to a left-wing ideology by schools, colleges, social media and mainstream media with the goal of fundamentally transforming America. Those who do not like a free America strive for an America where people worship government, not God. The foundation laid by our founding fathers of freedom of religion, faith in God, free speech, hard work, family, patriotism and Judeo-Christian values have been supplanted with narcissistic woke ideology and a desire to be taken care of by big government. Meritocracy has been replaced by identity politics. This has resulted in key government and corporate posts being filled by people without experience or knowledge. The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, loss of energy dominance, a failing economy, open borders, high inflation and a diminished world standing are just a few examples of this destructive ideology. If this continues, we will lose the greatest country the world has ever known. This book is our attempt to fill the educational gaps that millennials and Gen "Z" may have because of not being exposed to the traditional values that made America great. We hope it will also serve to reinforce those who love America but may not have the talking points necessary to defend their positions.
About the author
John D Sanderson is a graduate of Purdue University and served as a medic in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, worked 10 years in a hospital clinical, pathology and nuclear medicine laboratory followed by 20 years in hospital administration. He formed two healthcare related companies and has published three books. His most recent books are: It's all About Money and Politics: Winning the Healthcare War! and The Cancelling of America: Will She Survive?