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  • SubGenre:Diseases / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Language:English
  • Series title:All Things work Together
  • Series Number:3
  • Pages:24
  • eBook ISBN:9781620955116

Don't Weight Around

by Lyndora R. Miller

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understanding that weight does not come only from over eating and that their are those who need to know more about the way the body stores fats. How to use an approach that you can live with .
Learn about things that the public seldom hears about. Why suddenly you are fat, out of shape,and to tired to care. Contains a basis reshaping plan Good food sources to help in the plan.
About the author
Like many other folks who write a book about health and weight the person was searching for their own needs or for a close family member or friend. I too, can say this is how this book found it's way to the printing press. Like most children starting school a vaccination was required. In my case it left me with a very swollen arm and somehow disturbed my glandular system. up to age five my weight was average. With in the next year my weight gain was out of the range for my age. At ten years of age I weighted in at 155 pounds. This stayed with me till about 13 when I made extreme efforts to drop the pounds and size. Wth lots of up and downs I entered into my twenties , married and battled with adrenal, thyroid and other issues. Close to thirty I lived in ariz. where I had a heat stroke that set a serious stage in my life. I began to search out a way to live with this and started the path to learning how wholesome foods make you healthy and grab food makes you overweight and ill. Between thirty and sixty I was rounded out and overweight. At sixty two I began working in a health program that allowed me to work close with fine Drs. and practioners who shared their knowledge and encouragement. These are the only credits that surround my book. It's been a privilege to write in laymen's terms and in conversational form. Today I have reshaped my body and feel more vigor then when I was 40. Try this simple approach . Enjoy and succeed!