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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Biblical Studies / New Testament / Jesus, the Gospels & Acts
  • Language:English
  • Pages:90
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543902792

Do You Really Believe Him?

Understanding How Christianity Betrayed Jesus and His Narrow Path While It Embraced Paul and his Broad Road

by Evedyahni BenAvraham

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Do You REALLY Believe Him? is about knowing the difference between what Jesus actually taught, and what everyone else tells you that he taught. This book challenges its audience to answer that very question? - Do you really believe what Jesus tells you -  for themselves after they finish reading the book. We examine exactly what it is that Jesus taught and defined as the narrow path, and we discover that it is distinctly different than what mainstream Christianity teaches through its most fundamental principles today. In this book we highlight the fact that the overwhelming majority of Christians and Messianic believers today follow the teachings of the apostle Paul, which were in all respects completely adverse to everything that Jesus taught.  In fact, we demonstrate that it was the apostle Paul who was most responsible for turning the early Christians away from Jesus and his narrow path so that they could follow after Paul and the broad path he advocated.  Finally, we challenge all those people who claim to follow after Jesus to finally do so for real.


“If the measure of a Christian is following Jesus’ lead, then to be sure there are no true Christians.”  In this book, Evedyahni Ben Avraham sets out to prove that statement by revealing a very disturbing truth: Christians do not follow after Jesus, as they claim to do and may very well believe they are doing.  Rather, Christians and Messianic believers alike all follow after the Apostle Paul, as they rely almost exclusively on the teachings of Paul while they actually reject the teachings of Jesus.  The problem with this betrayal is that the teachings of the Apostle Paul directly contradict everything that Jesus taught and stood for.  This is an indisputable fact which is easily accentuated after an impartial and in-depth review of the Scriptures.  In this book we scrutinize the Scriptures to demonstrate exactly when the early Christian church deviated from Jesus’ instructions, and to identify who the main culprits involved in leading the masses away from Jesus were.  This book is for all those who truly wish to know what Jesus prescribed as the Narrow Path towards Salvation so that they can finally walk in it, as opposed to continuously walking in the broad path advocated by the Apostle Paul.   

About the author

Evedyahni BenAvraham is the Torah Instructor (Moreh) and Spiritual Guide of Kehal YAH in Brooklyn, New York – a Congregation of the Original Hebrew People who represent "The Next Stage in the Spiritual Evolution of Mankind."  He is the author of several other books, including "The Path of the True Hebrew", "The Lost Tribes ... Found!", "In a Land not their Own", “The Jewish People’s Talmud vs. The Hebrew People’s Torah”, and "Savage Adam: the Torah's depiction of Mankind BEFORE the creation of Adam and Eve.”  Evedyahni is also a frequent lecturer on cross-cultural subjects such as identifying who the Hebrew people are today, understanding the crucial differences between the Torah and the Talmud, understanding why there is no peace amongst the major monotheistic religions, understanding what absolute truth is from God's perspective, as well as many other practical Torah/Biblical related topics